Riverside, CA fire fighters and community mourn the passing of Capt. Tim Strack

April 8 • 2023

Captain Tim Strack

Fire fighters in Riverside, California, and the community they serve are mourning the death of Tim Strack, a Riverside Fire Department Captain and longtime president of Riverside City Local 1067.

Widely regarded as a tenacious and dedicated union leader, Strack served as president of Local 1067 for 21 years, consistently securing strong contracts for members through skilled negotiation that set benchmarks for other local affiliate leaders to follow.

“Tim was a true leader,” said General President Edward Kelly. “His legacy of service – to Local 1067, to the state, and to our International, will forever be honored. My thoughts and prayers are with Tim’s family and friends.”

Regarding Strack’s legacy, 10th District Vice President Stephen Gilman said, “Tim was a hugely influential union leader across Southern California. He not only delivered stellar contracts for his members, but he also mentored dozens of other leaders past and present, and we are all taking this loss hard.”

Strack also spent 10 years as 1st District Vice President for the California Professional Firefighters (CPF).

“As a fire fighter, union leader, and a professional, Tim Strack answered every call with passion, commitment, and hard work,” said CPF President Brian Rice. “The lives of every fire fighter – in Riverside and throughout the state – are better and safer because of the leadership of Tim Strack.”

Others remembered Strack not just as a dedicated fire fighter and labor leader but as a committed leader throughout Riverside.

“Together, Tim and his beloved wife Wendy have made long-lasting impacts in the community. Quintessential public servants, they have selflessly dedicated themselves to Riverside wholeheartedly,” the City of Riverside said in a statement.

The work Strack did on behalf of fire fighters also greatly benefited the city as a whole, noted Steve Hallgren, 1st Vice President of Local 1067. “Tim’s unwavering dedication as president of Local 1067 for 21 years has been crucial in improving our city’s financial sustainability. He played a key role in passing numerous measures and successfully advocated for increased staffing, which resulted in our agency becoming a Class 1 and accredited agency. With his extensive experience as CPF District 1 Vice President for 10 years, he passionately testified for the passage of the California Firefighter Bill of Rights, further demonstrating his commitment to protecting the rights and safety of our fire fighters.”

Strack, who was 53, is survived by his wife, Wendy, and three children: Madeline, Isabella, and Justin.