Oregon High School Students Raise Funds for MDA With “Hustle 4 Muscle” Event

June 30 • 2016

Lieutenant Mark Gregg of Hillsboro, OR Local 2210 has included his two children in MDA Fill-the-Boot events ever since they were old enough to tag along. The cause is close to the family’s heart as Gregg’s son – Mark or “Junior” – has been best friends with Oregon’s MDA Goodwill Ambassador Kobey Bonin since kindergarten.

When it came time for Junior to create a senior project for the National Honor Society, he knew exactly what he wanted to do. The Gregg family often works out together at the local Crossfit gym – as do a lot of fire fighters. Junior, along with his younger sister, Sydney, decided to hold a Crossfit fundraising event for MDA called “Hustle 4 Muscle.”

“When they came to me with idea,” says Gregg, “I was like, ‘are you guys sure you know what you’re getting into? These events are a lot of work.’”

Both Junior and Sydney quickly found that out and were busy going door to door to local businesses to obtain sponsorships, gathering volunteers for judging, setting up registration and even getting their good friend Kobey to keep score.

On May 14, 30 two-person teams competed in “Hustle 4 Muscle,” moving through traditional Crossfit training regiments of pull-ups and medicine ball throws. The event raised $4,000, which was more than any high school in the area had raised for MDA.

This got the attention of MDA’s Oregon Chapter. Gregg says they were mostly hands-off in the beginning, but after seeing the success of Junior’s event – they are now interested in using the “Hustle 4 Muscle” model in other high schools.

Junior is moving on to join the Army and become a medic, with plans to eventually join the ranks as a fire fighter.

“He has always wanted to help people, and Fill-the-Boot provided that first-hand experience of raising funds and what that means to people like Kobey,” explains Gregg. “I am really proud of both my kids and what they achieved here.”