The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has released for a review a preliminary draft of NFPA 1585, Standard for Exposure and Contamination Control.

The IAFF has been deeply involved in the development of the NFPA 1585 draft standard intended to provide guidance to all fire fighters and fire departments on proper techniques for handling exposures and decontamination following emergency calls.

Science shows that fire fighters are regularly exposed to toxins at the fire scene — potential hazardous materials that collect on their bunker gear, equipment and skin — can be carried back to fire stations for further contamination if not handled properly.

The NFPA, working in conjunction with numerous fire service organizations, including the IAFF, began draft work on NFPA 1585 with the goal of gathering all data and best practices on exposure and decontamination contained in several other NFPA standards documents.

Once completed, NFPA 1585 will apply to all fire suppression and rescue activities, though not infectious disease or hazmat incident exposures.

The draft version of NFPA 1585 is now open for public review; the IAFF encourages all  members to examine the document and offer input. Click here for more details.