After a Manchester, Connecticut man died of a heart attack as he was shoveling snow off his roof, several Manchester Local 1579 fire fighters and other first responders went back to the man’s home to help the family remove the rest of the snow from the roof.

“We are very proud of what our members selflessly did to assist this family,” says Manchester Local 1579 President Angelo Alleano. “Unfortunately, they could not resuscitate the man, but they did their best to help the family.”

This winter, Connecticut has been blasted by snow, forcing residents to engage in an excessive amount of shoveling, including their sidewalks, driveways and roofs. All of this took an unhealthy toll on some residents, including Manchester, Connecticut resident Miroslaw Dabrowski, 57.

Local 1579 members and other first responders were called out to the Dabrowski home after he collapsed on the roof. They climbed up, performed CPR, lowered him from the roof and transported him to Manchester Hospital where he was declared dead from a heart attack.

A few of hours later, the responders to the call, including Local 1579 members Dave Mauldin, Alan Liberte, Jason Mikalonis, Andrew Holthauser, Tony Granato, Shawn Cervera, Matt Shanley, Ryan Bilodeau and Rob Depietro, returned to the home with shovels in hand.