McKinney, TX Local 2661 members are optimistic their voices will finally be heard after the appointment of a new fire chief.  

Outgoing Fire Chief Danny Kistner did not see eye to eye with Local 2661 on fire department issues related to inconsistent and unjust disciplinary procedures, inefficient staffing models, and other fire fighter concerns. After repeated attempts to find solutions, the membership decided the only option left was to issue a vote of no confidence against Chief Kistner in March 2022.  

“Maintaining adequate service to the community remained our primary focus. But lack of resolution on these issues weighed heavily on us and that had a negative impact on our morale,” said Local 2661 President Chris Mayzner. “We were ready to do anything to bring about positive change.” 

Talks continued after the vote, but still, no solutions were found. Then, in December 2022, Kistner announced his retirement with his last day on the job being Jan.30, 2023.  

McKinney’s newly appointed Director of Public Safety Greg Conley will oversee the hiring of a new fire chief. Conley has promised Local 2661 a seat at the table as this decision is made. Members are hopeful these long-standing fire department issues will be settled with the new chief.