Columbia, MO Local 1055 has negotiated its first contract, thanks to its support of a labor-friendly candidate for mayor, Brian Treece.

When Treece, a lobbyist, was considering a run for mayor, one of the first groups he reached out to for support was Columbia Local 1055.

“I knew he would fight hard on behalf of Local 1055 members, as I was familiar with his dedication to lobbying on behalf of another labor group,” says 2nd District Vice President Mark Woolbright. “I was confident that he would continue to support public safety as mayor.”

Once Treece was elected, he made it publicly clear he planned to give Local 1055 and other labor unions a chance to negotiate a contract.
Second District District Field Service Representative Kurt Becker traveled to Columbia to assist Local 1055 with contract language and the negotiations process. The results were favorable.

“Our members are pleased to finally have a contract,” says Local 1055 President Travis Gregory. “It lays the foundation for us to continue to work towards other goals, such as increasing staffing and others resources.”

Mayor Treece followed up with a message to Woolbright and Local 1055, saying he was “proud ot sign the first ever collective bargaining agreement for Local 1055.”

The new agreement includes two important provisions. Previously, workers’ compensation only provided benefits for a line-of-duty injury if it occurred on the way to, at the scene or on the way back from an emergency. This contract expands coverage to include all injuries that occur on duty.

Additionally, the new agreement alters how discipline is managed. Until now, if a member was written up, the city manager was the only one who could decide whether or not the disciplinary action could be challenged. Now, disciplined Local 1055 members have the option of challenging the disciplinary action before a mediator.