Kentucky Members Replace Eight-Year-Old Boy’s Water Table

June 21 • 2021

When word got out in the Frankfort, Kentucky, community that someone had stolen eight-year-old Gideon Robinson’s water table from his backyard, Franklin County Local 3952 members were the first to help by building him a new one.

“When we saw the Facebook post from the family about the stolen table, we immediately wanted to help,” says Local 3952 President Christopher Daniel. “It just felt like the right thing to do.”

Water tables are stand-alone tables filled with water and toys. Gideon used his table for fun, but it was also a great therapy tool to help him with challenges associated with his cerebral palsy.

Gideon’s father, Chuck, had built a customized one as most commercial water tables are made of plastic and not sturdy enough for an eight-year-old.

When the Robinsons came home one day to find the toy gone, they posted about it on Facebook, hoping that since it was a unique, custom-made toy that someone would know something or could do something to help.

Local 3952 members reached out to the Robinson family, offering to build a new table. When the Franklin County Local 3952 members went to Lowe’s for supplies, the manager offered to donate the needed materials for free.

“He heard about what we were doing and believed the building project was for a good cause. Our local Walmart also donated toys for the table,” says Daniel. “We were overwhelmed by the generosity of our community.”

Once the fire fighters had everything they needed, it only took a few hours to complete. Local 3952 members say it was worth it because of how happy it made Gideon.