Idaho Senate Unanimously Passes Fire Fighter Cancer Presumption

March 19 • 2016

With a vote of 33-0, the Idaho Senate voted to pass cancer presumption for the state’s fire fighters. The legislation now sits on the governor’s desk awaiting his signature.

The Professional Fire Fighters of Idaho (PFFI) began lobbying for cancer presumption 16 years ago. Over the years, they have been fostering relationships with their legislators and consistently discussing the importance of workers’ compensation coverage for fire fighters with cancer.

“We are exposed to carcinogens on a daily basis, which makes it impossible for a fire fighter with cancer to pinpoint which incident caused the disease to develop,” says Professional Fire Fighters of Idaho Executive Vice President Rob Shoplock. “With the passage of this bill, our members will get the life-saving treatment they need.”

The law, which is expected to take effect July 1, will change Idaho’s workers’ compensation law to presume that 11 cancers are job-related for fire fighters. However, the bill does create an exception for any fire fighter who smokes or lives with someone who smokes.