IAFF Welcomes North Randall Local 5365

February 26 • 2022

After its recent formation, North Randall, OH Local 5365 is the newest Ohio affiliate to join the IAFF. 

“I would like to welcome Local 5365 to the IAFF’s 8th district,” says 8th District Vice President Mark Sanders. “The Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters (OAPFF) has been doing a great job helping new locals to organize and providing new leaders and members with immediate access to valuable IAFF and OAPFF resources.” 

Over the years, the population of the Village of North Randall, located just outside of Cleveland, steadily grew. By July 2021, it was clear that the fire department needed to begin transitioning from a part-time department to a full-time department to better accommodate the calls for emergency service.  

“We wanted to be sure to have a seat at the table as decisions are being made about the future of our department, so we decided now was the time to organize,” says Local 5365 President Dennis Dixon, a past 20-year veteran of East Cleveland, OH Local 500. “We are looking forward to utilizing IAFF and OAPFF resources and networking opportunities.” 

Joining President Dixon on the North Randall Local 5365 Executive Board are Vice President Michael King, Secretary Ty Abernathy and Treasurer Anthony Lombardo.