IAFF Welcomes Its Newest New York Affiliate 

July 1 • 2022

Auburn City Ambulance Local 5379 joined the IAFF in May, bringing 23 new members with it. Located in central New York state, the City of Auburn is the largest city in Cayuga County. 

“Adding new members is what makes this union stronger,” says General President Edward Kelly. “I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together to shape the future of our union.” 

Auburn City Ambulance was formed in 2021 after the city council passed a resolution to allow the city manager to establish an EMS service, including acquiring the needed equipment and hiring career and part-time personnel.  

Seeing the value in being union members, the career personnel decided to organize and join the IAFF. 

“The IAFF seemed like the obvious choice. Not only does the International offer great services and resources, the union also works hard to make sure its members have everything we need to do our job,” says Local 5379 President Marcus Lockhart. “We look forward to networking with other affiliates like us and doing our part as union members.” 

Joining President Lockhart on the Local 5379 Executive Board are Vice President Ronald Kenney, Secretary Samantha Rothenberg and Treasurer Jessica Jasniewski.