IAFF members once again answered the call last weekend at an emergency that captured the nation’s attention.

Members from San Diego City Local 145, National City Local 2744, Coronado Local 1475 and Chula Vista Local 2180 joined Federal Fire Fighters from San Diego Local F-33, Pendleton Local F-85, Miramar Local F-289 and others, including sailors and crew from the ship to battle a massive fire aboard the USS Bonhomme Richard.

More than a dozen IAFF members were injured and, thankfully, are expected to fully recover.

This incident highlights not only the risk that our members face every day on the job, but also shows that no matter the fire department or local union, IAFF members come together to protect their communities.

These brave men and women rushed to help, not hesitating, despite the danger. With thick, dark smoke and high heat, IAFF members boarded the ship, searched for victims and began an aggressive attack on the seat of the fire – putting their safety aside in the name of service.

As conditions worsened and all sailors from the boat were accounted for, command called for an evacuation and a change in tactics to a defensive attack. This fireground decision likely saved the lives of several of our members – shortly after a devastating explosion ripped through the ship.

This incident once again proves that when our communities need us most, IAFF members always respond to the call. The IAFF is proud of our members who have responded to this catastrophic fire and we look forward to the speedy and full recovery of our injured brothers and sisters.