Sara McMullin and family.

Sara McMullin is known for helping others discover suitable insurance policies, but she found herself in a different role five years ago when her husband was diagnosed with colon cancer. Now, she shares her personal story to emphasize why IAFF members should prepare for their financial future. 

Read our FAQ in part two of this three-part series to learn more about supplemental insurance.  


Q: How did having supplemental insurance help your family following your husband’s cancer diagnosis? 

A: My husband was out of work for nine months on state disability, impacting our family’s finances. I knew what to do because I had been advising everybody on what to do all along. Despite my familiarity with the process, I was overwhelmed. 


Q: How did the diagnosis affect your family? 

A: With two young boys, one in kindergarten at barely 6-years-old and the other 3, it added a whole new dynamic. Being a cancer wife is a significant time commitment. While caring for my husband, I found myself constantly battling with the insurance company. Despite offers of help, articulating my needs at the moment was challenging. The supplemental insurance provided a silver lining; every deposit into our bank account was a small relief. 


Q: As the wife of someone diagnosed with cancer, what do you want others to know? 

A: Facing cancer or any challenging situation can be profoundly frightening. Uncertainty about the next steps compounds the fear. This assurance is an indispensable asset that cannot be overstated, especially in facing cancer or any challenging situation. 


Q: What’s your advice to IAFF members? 

A: I’ve worked with fire fighters for 20 years, and I understand they want to believe it won’t happen to them, that it will happen to somebody else. Unfortunately, statistics don’t support that belief. Despite their inclination to feel invincible while at the station and on calls regarding their health and cancer, I encourage them to take their finances seriously. Especially for firefighters working a lot of overtime, if that’s built into their family budget, they need to ensure they’re protecting that. 


To learn more about supplemental insurance options, click the link here. For additional details on other benefits the IAFF-FC provides, visit the link here.