IAFF Collaborates on EMS Safety Practices Manual

May 19 • 2022

The U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), with the help of the IAFF, has published EMS Safety Practices, a detailed digital manual IAFF affiliates and members can use to help stay safe on the job while serving their communities.

The 146-page manual, published in May 2022, offers information in exhaustive detail on developing and enforcing safety standards for EMS and creating a workplace culture of safety, an essential  component for long-term commitment to safety.

The IAFF, using a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), collaborated over a two-year period with several other public safety agencies to contribute expertise and content for the manual.

“The IAFF is committed to keeping our members safe on the job. I encourage all our members to make EMS Safety Practices a part of their professional reference library,” says General President Edward Kelly.

The manual includes chapters on maintaining physical and mental health throughout the course of a strenuous EMS career. The manual also delves into best practices for HazMat response, patient response, managing various hostile situations and more.

Download the manual here.