General President-Elect Ed Kelly Announces Senior Transition Team

March 17 • 2021

It’s an incredible honor, as your next General President, to announce the leadership of my Transition Team. We have hit the ground running on day one to build a new chapter for our great union. Our future together is bright, and I look forward to working collaboratively with General Secretary-Treasurer-Elect Frank Lima and his staff as #OneIAFF.

I have assembled a bold, inclusive Transition Team that represents a cross-section of our IAFF, chaired by 4th District Vice President Andrew Pantelis, who will ensure a smooth and strategic transition as we move forward on the path to the next chapter for our union. In this role, District Vice President Pantelis will bring his extensive executive leadership experience to ensure a seamless transition for the incoming administration. As Chair, he will be responsible for the overall implementation strategy for the Transition Team, which is charged with reviewing current practices and taking a hard look at our programs as we move our union forward.

The senior Transition Team includes three vice chairs and three senior advisors:

  • Matthew Vinci will serve as Transition Team Vice Chair responsible for continuity of operations, ensuring that all programs, services, resources and other deliverables continue as our members expect and deserve. I am also pleased to announce I have appointed Matt as my Chief of Staff, a critical role in my administration. His vast experience, especially at the local, state and national level, makes Matt uniquely qualified. In addition, Corrine Griffin, who has been by my side for the past four years, will serve as my Executive Assistant.
  • Jay Fleming will be the Transition Team Vice Chair tasked with transforming our vision for this union into a mission that works for all our members across the United States and Canada.
  • Kurt Becker will serve as Transition Team Vice Chair for assessing our non-profit activities and subsidiaries, including the IAFF Financial Corporation (IAFF-FC) and IAFF Foundation, as well as our partnership with the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA).
  • Alex ForrestMathew Golsteyn and Lori Moore-Merrell will serve as Senior Advisors, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to the transition.

Open, honest and transparent communications will be a priority as your General President. I have assembled a dynamic communications team that will be coordinated by IAFF Director of Communications Jane Blume, Greensboro, NC Local 947 member Jamie Burgess and Hoover, AL Local 4035 member Josh Jordan.

I will also be releasing a more comprehensive list of Transition Team members, to include International officers and state and local leaders from across the IAFF, to conduct a broad and extensive evaluation of all IAFF programs, services, projects and initiatives with an eye towards building a more effective operation that works for all members in locals large and small. My team looks forward to working seamlessly with General Secretary-Treasurer-Elect Lima’s Transition Team, which will be announced in the coming days.

It’s time to move our union forward and put our members first. This is one union with one mission. It’s an exciting time for the IAFF with a solid team that will meet the challenges head on. This is not my union or the Executive Board’s union – this is your union, and I pledge to you that I will fight for you and your families every single day of my administration.