IAFF members work hard every October to raise awareness and dollars for cancer-related charities. For many affiliates like Pasco County, FL Local 4420, the issue hits close to home.

Local 4420 member Kathy Babcock, a nearly 30-year veteran, was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy, and doctors expect she will need other types of treatment before the healing process is over.

Her fellow Local 4420 members were the first to rally around her in support, calling it “Operation Make Kathy Smile.”  Members from every Pasco County fire station helped make a video showing their support. The video includes dancing, head shaving and inspirational signs.
“Kathy is overwhelmed by all of the attention this video has had,” says Robert Fuerst, Local 4420 member and a spokesperson. “But she is very strong and determined to overcome this challenge. We are behind her 100 percent.”

The local is also selling pink T-shirts this month on to help the family and to offset medical costs.