An ALS team of three Metro-Broward, FL Local 3080 members will compete against 100 teams during Rallye Rejviz, an International competition for emergency medical services crews, in Prague in May 2015.

Team members Manuel Sanchez, Vito Labriola and Lorne Browne twice won the ALS Florida Cup, and the team is now looking forward to competing against teams from other countries. “We are the only American team competing, so that makes this competition even more special to us,” says Sanchez.

The Rallye Rejviz event mimics a 24-hour shift. In previous years, the competition has included as many as 11 drills, such as hazmat, trauma, mass casualty and medical response, as well as a multitude of other challenges.

Rallye Rejviz’s award ceremony is similar to Olympic ceremonies with gold, silver and bronze medals. The national anthems of the winning teams will also be played.

Sanchez says they are looking forward to the challenge. “Because the scenarios are designed to be out of the ordinary, we always learn something new. This gives us a unique opportunity to come back to our department and tell them what we have learned and how we may later apply it on the job.”