10th District Vice President Lima Serves as Elector

December 17 • 2020

The Electoral College in all 50 states gathered to cast their ballots for President-Elect Joe BIden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris. In California, 10th District Vice President Frank Lima was the first IAFF member to participate in the process.

“As an IAFF member and California citizen, it was a great honor to be asked to be an elector and to take part in our democratic process,” says District Vice President Lima.

California IAFF members have always taken an active role in the political process and have long supported U.S. Representative Julia Brownley (District 26).  Accordingly, Brownley designated Lima to represent voters in her district and serve as one of 55 electors in California to correspond with each Electoral College vote.

Electors also unanimously nominate Lima secretary, along with California Assembly Member Shirley Weber as chair. As secretary, Lima was responsible for counting and verifying the state’s 55 electoral votes and reporting the results to the chair. Chairwoman Weber will now deliver the result to Congress.