How can I join the IAFF-MG and pay my dues?

Membership is open to active IAFF members, active-retired IAFF members, members of the IAFF Alumni or IAFF headquarters staff members.

To join the IAFF-MG online, you must first create a login (if you do not already have one) through the IAFF website.

Note: If you already have your IAFF username/password, visit the IAFF-MG web page and follow the instructions below to join and pay your IAFF-MG dues.

To create an IAFF member login, you will need your local number and your seven-digit IAFF member ID number. Your IAFF member ID number can be found on your IAFF ID card or contact [email protected].

Paying Dues Online

After logging in to the IAFF’s website, you will find the Dues/Subscriptions tab at the top right of the member profile page. Click the tab and follow the instructions to pay your new IAFF-MG member dues. The IAFF-MG’s annual dues are currently $50 per year. Starting October 1, 2024, IAFF-MG Member Dues will increase to $100 annually. All IAFF-MG members, including those that belong to IAFF-MG local, state, and/or provincial chapters, must pay their IAFF-MG dues directly to the IAFF. The IAFF will reimburse the chapters for their portion of the IAFF-MG dues on a quarterly basis, pursuant to IAFF-MG Policy No. 007.

After paying your dues online, you will receive an email confirming your transaction. If you are having problems or questions about paying your dues online, please call the IAFF Accounting Department at (202) 737-8484.

What do my dues include?

Your dues are used for administrative expenses necessary to run the day-to-day operations of the IAFF-MG and to support IAFF-MG events annually throughout the United States and Canada, including our annual International Motorcycle Rally. This money shall remain with the MG and will not be reallocated for other IAFF programs.

The IAFF-MG must be self-sustaining as required by the resolution passed at the IAFF 2004 Convention. IAFF-MG dues are separate from IAFF dues.

How often do I pay my dues?

Dues are paid annually on your anniversary month (“Member Since”). You can pay your dues online through the IAFF’s website. If you have problems paying your dues online, you can call the IAFF Accounting Department at (202) 737-8484. The IAFF-MG sends out the renewal notices electronically to all IAFF-MG members prior to the start of each fiscal year, with reminders sent out throughout the year.

Can I join the IAFF-MG if I do not own a motorcycle?

Yes, you can join the IAFF-MG. You do not have to own a motorcycle to join the IAFF-MG.

Do I have to own a Harley Davidson motorcycle?

No. While the IAFF-MG Policy encourages members to buy and ride “union made” motorcycles manufactured in the United States or Canada, it is not a requirement. But again, owning a motorcycle is not a requirement. All you need is a wish to share and promote the IAFF and the IAFF-MG to others.

Do I have to ride a street/cruiser style of motorcycle?

No! Many of our members ride dual-sport or adventure-style motorcycles. We’re more than happy to help members organize off-road events in their district.

Does the IAFF-MG have Associate Membership?

Yes, the IAFF-MG offers associate membership to immediate family members and the significant others of IAFF-MG members. Those seeking associate membership in the IAFF-MG must be sponsored by an IAFF-MG member. Dues for associate membership are currently $25 annually. Starting in October 2024, dues for Associate Members will be increased to $50 annually. IAFF-MG Associate Members are only authorized to wear the “center” portion and the Bottom Rocker of the IAFF-MG Colors.

Do I have to be an IAFF-MG member to buy the colors or merchandise?

Yes and No… It is a requirement to be an IAFF-MG member to purchase and wear the IAFF-MG colors, but you do not have to be an IAFF-MG member to purchase IAFF-MG merchandise. You don’t have to purchase colors to belong to the IAFF-MG.

How do I order my IAFF-MG colors and other IAFF-MG merchandise?

IAFF-MG Members can order IAFF-MG Colors by filling out this Purchase Order or by emailing the IAFF-MG’s Vice-Chairman.

What should my IAFF-MG vest look like?

Visit the IAFF-MG Colors or contact the IAFF-MG Standing Committee member representing your District or by emailing  IAFF-MG’s Vice Chairman.

What does “charter member” mean?

This designation is for members who joined the IAFF-MG before Dec. 31, 2006. These members can purchase and wear merchandise bearing this designation. It also appears on their IAFF-MG membership card. No charter members are being added after December 31, 2006.

How are the IAFF-MG events coordinated?

According to the IAFF-MG Policy, the IAFF General President (also the President of the Motorcycle Group), with input from each IAFF District Vice President,  appoints a member from each of IAFF’s 16 districts to sit on the IAFF-MG’s Standing Committee. Those Standing Committee members are responsible for coordinating at least two IAFF-MG events in their respective districts each year, along with joining in on other motorcycle events or rides locally.

Can we start a local, state, or provincial chapter?

Yes. To further the goal of promoting fraternalism among IAFF-MG members in locals, states, and provinces and to support benevolent activities of the IAFF, the IAFF-MG is now offering to establish IAFF-MG local, state, or provincial Chapters. Contact the Standing Committee member from your respective district or the  IAFF-MG Vice-Chairman for more information.