IAFF-MG Colors, Patches and Other Insignia

The IAFF-MG “colors” have been defined as all patches and insignias issued to members by the IAFF-MG. The IAFF-MG colors feature the IAFF logo, eagle wings, two cross axes with the American and Canadian flags, a top rocker with the word “fire fighters” and a bottom rocker with the IAFF-MG member’s district number.

IAFF-MG Charter Members: IAFF-MG charter members are those members who joined the IAFF-MG on or before December 31st, 2006. With this recognition, the IAFF-MG member has the right to wear a “charter member” patch on the front of the vest or jacket as described below.

IAFF-MG Life Members: IAFF-MG life members are members that have completed 10 consecutive years of membership with the IAFF-MG. Life members will be issued and authorized to wear their Life Member patch on the front of their vest as described below.

IAFF-MG New Members: To obtain your IAFF-MG Colors, you can order them through the Online Form. If you have any questions about the IAFF-MG Colors, please call or e-mail the IAFF-MG Vice-Chairman Michael Crouse at (207) 439-6214, or [email protected] Monday-Friday 9-5 EST.

IAFF-MG Dual Membership Patch

An IAFF-MG dual member patch is available for IAFF-MG members who belong to other authorized motorcycle clubs or groups and choose to wear the colors of both clubs/groups.

IAFF-MG members are expressly prohibited from commencing or maintaining membership in any motorcycle club/group deemed an “outlaw” club/group; however, IAFF-MG members are permitted to maintain their affiliation with A.M.A., H.O.G. and A.B.A.T.E., as well as other clubs/groups that are not considered outlaws.

Show your support for the IAFF-MG by wearing the dual member patch on your vest today. The patch should be worn on the left front side of a vest or jacket. The dual member patch is $35 and IAFF-MG members can order the patches through the Online Form or by calling (800) 562-5766.