How can I reset my password or username?

Your username is your preferred email address and your password is what you designated.

If you don’t remember one or both of these, from the login page, click on Create/Update Username and Password. You will need your IAFF ID number to update this information online; you can find this on your IAFF member card, Fire Fighter Quarterly magazine address label or on an IAFF event name badge. With this information, follow the online steps to verify your identity and reset your username and/or password.

If you don’t know the needed information, select forgot username/password from the login page. This will generate an email with a customized link sent to your preferred email address.

If you don’t have access to this email address or if your account is locked, email [email protected] for assistance.

What are the categories of IAFF membership?

The IAFF Constitution and By-Laws provides (Article III, Section 1-3) for three categories of IAFF members:

  • Active
  • Retired-Active
  • Honorary

Active members are defined as: Anyone who at the time of application is engaged in service within the jurisdiction of the IAFF is eligible for active membership through its’ chartered local union.

Retired-active members are: IAFF members, who have retired from their respective local unions or otherwise withdrawn from their union as a member is good standing, may be allowed to return at the local’s choosing for active-retiree membership.

Individuals who have performed meritorious service to the IAFF or distinguished public service may be elected to honorary membership by a majority vote of the IAFF Executive Board, a subordinate IAFF union or convention delegates.

Inactive retired (retirees that do not have or participate in an active retiree program with their local) and former or promoted members may be able to continue their relationship with the IAFF through the IAFF Alumni Program.

What are the types of IAFF affiliates?

  • State Association (A)
  • Provincial Association (C)
  • Federal Local (F)
  • Industrial Local (I)
  • Municipal Local (L)
  • State Local (S)

How do I make sure my name is included in the retiree list in the Fire Fighter Quarterly magazine?

Your local union will notify the IAFF of status changes, at which time the retired individual will be listed in the next quarterly issue. All inquiries related to the retiree list in the magazine should be directed to [email protected].

How do I change my address?

Address changes can be made in two ways:

  • Individuals can log onto the IAFF website and click on My Profile to update their own information.
  • Local officers can use the Manage My Local tools on the IAFF website to update their members contact information.

Can a local officer obtain a list of the members in his/her local?

Yes, officers can download a list of members from Manage/Download Roster in the Manage My Local tool.

Can a local obtain a replacement union charter or union seal?

Yes. You can obtain these items from the membership department using the IAFF Supply Order Form U.S or IAFF Supply Order Form, Canada. An order for a replacement union charter or seal must be signed by two local officers.

Can a local officer obtain a mailing list of IAFF members in other IAFF locals?

Yes, with conditions. Such lists are requested primarily for fundraising purposes (e.g., to assist a member who has contracted a serious illness or disease).

  • If the request is for the names and addresses of members in other locals within your district, then your District Vice President must approve the request.
  • If the request is for members in a local(s) outside your district, then the entire IAFF Executive Board is polled by the General Secretary-Treasurer for approval.

All lists are emailed as electronic files, unless labels are specifically requested.

Does an IAFF member have to pay union dues if he/she has been laid off or while on active military duty?

No. The IAFF Constitution and By-Laws provides (Article III, Section 5) that a member who is laid off may continue to be carried as an active member while he or she is on a preferred rehire list. He or she continues to enjoy all the rights of active membership (except the right to vote on collective bargaining agreements). Payment of the member’s per capita is waived.

Similarly, a member who goes on active military duty may continue to be carried as an active member with all dues and other union charges waived until the member is relieved from active duty.

When are new IAFF membership cards issued and how can a member obtain a replacement membership card?

The IAFF sends new membership cards to all members every four years.

Members can download the IAFF mobile app to access their member card electronically or request a replacement card from the membership department at [email protected]. Member cards are printed and mailed twice a month, please allow three-four weeks to receive a new card. Member cards are sent to the individual’s home address, unless specified at the time of the request.

Can withdrawal cards be issued to members who separate from the fire service?

Yes. The IAFF Constitution and By-Laws (Article III, Section 5 and Article XIII, Section 5) provides that withdrawal cards may be issued to members who leave the fire service in good standing or who are legally precluded from maintaining union membership due to their fire department position. Locals can order blank withdrawal cards using the IAFF Supply Order Form U.S. or IAFF Supply Order Form, Canada.

Where can I purchase IAFF products?

The IAFF store has a variety of products available for purchase. Locals can receive a limited number of decals complimentary each year and purchase additional supplies from the IAFF. Orders should be placed using the IAFF Supply Order Form, U.S. or Canada. To find out about complimentary decals, contact [email protected].

What is the IAFF Alumni program?

The IAFF Alumni program provides an opportunity for former members who have retired or left their union to maintain a connection to the IAFF. Learn more at


I’m a new secretary/treasurer, where should I begin?

Before you can access the tools and information, an existing officer needs to notify the IAFF of your term. This will prompt the IAFF to update your online access so you can see all the officer resources and tools. You should then peruse the Secretary-Treasurer Resources and Manage My Local tools to become familiar with what is available to assist you in your role. For assistance, please contact [email protected].

What are my options to pay per capita?

The IAFF currently accepts payment by check or electronic funds transfer.

How do I correct the current totals on my per capita statement?

Review your local’s roster and submit changes along with the effective date online or by sending an email to [email protected]. All credits or charges (maximum of 12 months) will be included in the next per capita statement. Locals should pay the amount shown on their statement.

Can I view per capita statements online?

Yes, per capita statements for the previous two years are available online to local presidents and secretary/treasurers under Manage My Local. Other local officers or staff can be given access to these with approval from the local president.

What will I need to pay online?

Your local’s checking account information.

What if I forget the password?

Contact [email protected] to reset it.

Can I schedule a payment?

No. The IAFF autodraft program drafts payments automatically on the 20th of each month.

Can I change the amount I wish to pay?

No. The amount drafted is the current months per capita amount, taking into consideration all membership updates for that month.

Will I receive a receipt for my online payment?

No. A receipt may be obtained by contacting [email protected].

Can I pay per capita in advance?

Yes. You can send a check or money order for any prepayments. Any payments above what is currently owed will be applied to your local’s record as a pre-pay and applied each month until depleted.

What happens when we change officers?

A current officer can remove existing and add new officers online or send an email to [email protected]. The IAFF will only make changes submitted by someone currently listed as an officer of the local.


What is the amount of the bond?

IAFF provides $5,000 bond coverage for all affiliates.

Is there a guideline regarding the level of coverage a local should maintain?

It is a good practice to maintain a bond of at least 10 percent of your assets.

What is the term for the bond coverage?

The policies are written for a three-year term.

What do I do if I want to increase the bond amount?

You can contact our insurance broker at:

Schoenfeld Insurance Associates, Inc.
Attn: Karen Feger

6225 Smith Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21209-3644
[email protected]
(410) 602-2000

What are the rates for additional bond coverage?

View the currently published rates or email Schoenfeld Insurance at [email protected] for a quote.