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IAFF Announces the Winners of the 2014 Media Awards Contest


The IAFF Media Awards Contest helps create a greater awareness of the important work that professional fire fighters and paramedics in the United States and Canada do to keep the public safe. The contest honors communications, reporting and photography that best portray fire fighters and paramedics as dedicated all-hazards first responders. We are proud to present the winners of the 2014 IAFF Media Awards and hope that you are as moved and inspired by the winning entries as we are. Scroll to the bottom to select a category and view the winners.

Note: IAFF cannot guarantee the accuracy of any content that is not owned by IAFF. All news outlets have different archiving policies, so the story, photo or video you select may no longer be available.

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Print, Broadcast, and Internet


The print, broadcast and internet category honors journalists, photographers and videographers who have done an exemplary job of making the heart, soul and sometimes turmoil of fire fighting vivid and concrete to their readers and viewers, whether in print or online.

This year’s awards hail from varied places: from small but powerful trade publications to major metropolitan newspapers and everywhere in between, showing that the essence of great journalism does not distinguish between “large,” “small” and “medium” outlets. Rather, it’s the people behind the pen or behind the lens that make the stories they write, the photographs they take and the videos they produce excellent, whether the work appears in print or online.

View the winners below.

Best News Story, Series, or Feature

Best Editorial, Opinion, or Blog Post

Best News Photograph

Best Social Media Video (Professional Media)

IAFF Affiliates


In addition to their “real” work as lifesavers, IAFF Affiliates also produce some amazing and compelling work in media as well. From magazines and newsletters to breathtaking photographs and solid public relations and outreach campaigns that get results, this year’s winners easily give professional journalists a run for their money.

Best Affiliate Publication

Best Affiliate Social Media Video

Best Online Initiative or Campaign

Best Affiliate Community Outreach / Education Campaign

Best Affiliate Special / One-Time / Annual Publication or Project

Best Affiliate Public Relations / Political Campaign or Project

Best Affiliate Blog

Best Affiliate Social Media Campaign

Best Photo Taken by an IAFF Member (Unpublished)

Outside the Box


Each year, the IAFF receives more quality work than it can recognize, and some of that work doesn’t fit neatly into one category—or, indeed, any category. The “Outside the Box” category honors outstanding work in media that both shows fire fighting in a realistic and positive light and that falls outside the lines (or blurs the lines) of our established categories.

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“Fairfax Local 2068 Public Social Media Network”
Produced by Fairfax County, VA Local 2068
Submitted by Fairfax County, VA Local 2068

This public social media page promotes the work fire fighters do and helps connect with the community.

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“Seattle Themed Meetings”
Produced by Seattle, WA Local 27
Submitted by Seattle, WA Local 27

To encourage its members to attend union meetings, Local 27 develops themes for its meetings, such as Elvis’ birthday, the Seattle Seahawks and Blue Hawaii. Union leaders report that monthly attendance has doubled because of the creative atmosphere of the meetings.

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“Oakland Firefighters Random Act of Kindness”
Produced by Oakland and Alameda County, CA Local 55
Submitted by Oakland and Alameda County, CA Local 55

Local 55 makes a positive difference in the lives of citizens through its random acts of kindness initiative, whether it’s purchasing a laptop computer for a young man battling cancer or bringing stuffed animals and other school supplies to a teacher and her students who lost their classroom in a fire.

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“C-SPAN Book TV Video of IAFF Retiree Luncheon”
Produced by D.S. Lliteras
Submitted by Norfolk, VA Local 68

In his book Flames and Smoke Visible, which is about the hazards of being a fire fighter, author D.S. Lliteras shares his experiences on the job.

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