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IAFF 2012 Media Awards Contest


The IAFF received 305 entries in the 2012 Media Awards Contest – all of which reflect the expanding role fire fighters play in communities across North America. These dedicated personnel respond to all-hazards, including natural and man-made disasters, hazardous materials spills, water rescues, vehicle accidents, medical emergencies, wildland fires and other countless unpredictable incidents. At the same time, fire fighters and paramedics work tirelessly to preserve funding and staffing, as well as give their all to make a difference in their own communities.

This competition pays tribute to those who, in the public media and through their affiliates, document the great and the small in the life of fire fighters everywhere.



FIRST PLACE: “Fire Fighters Deserving of Hero Status”
A moving tribute to late Worcester fire fighter and Local 1009 member Jon D. Davies Sr., who died in the line of duty on December 8, 2011, battling a three-alarm fire. This story captures the attention of the reader from the opening statement to the last period, and gives an insight about the inner drive and selfless qualities of a fire fighter. This is a very compelling story and a deserving tribute to a fallen hero.

Telegram and Gazette
Written by: George Barnes
Submitted by: Worcester, MA Local 1009

SECOND PLACE: “From Olympic”
When the glare of the Olympic spotlight is over, some athletes struggle to find purpose in life after the games conclude. Six Canadian Olympians find their professional calling in fire fighting and discover it is just as rewarding and as “adrenaline inducing” as playing a sport. This story is worth sharing as these Olympians discuss how they transitioned from being elite athletes to professional fire fighters.

Toronto Star
Written by: Randy Starkman
Submitted by: Toronto, ON Local 3888

HONORABLE MENTION: “Fire Fighters Boot Drive to hit the Streets Again” and “Giving Back”

Las Vegas Sun
Written by: Jackie Valley
Submitted by: Henderson, NV Local 1883

The View
Written by: Michael Lyle
Submitted by: Henderson, NV Local 1883

Henderson Local 1883 members do more than put out fires and respond to emergency calls. These two stories capture the benevolence and community engagement of fire fighters as they raise money for muscular dystrophy and conduct public awareness campaigns to prevent drowning. Henderson fire fighters make it clear they are a part of the community and deliver an important message.

Circulation Under 100,000

FIRST PLACE: “48 Hours”
Reporter Tom Hasslinger describes a 48-hour shift with the Coeur d’Alene Fire Department, including the extreme sense of urgency experienced by first responders as they respond to medical emergencies. This is a well-written, cogent account of riding on an ambulance with members of Coeur d’Alene Local 710.

Coeur d’Alene Press
Written by: Tom Hasslinger
Submitted by: Coeur d’Alene, ID Local 710

HONORABLE MENTION: “Fire Ops 101 to test Burnaby politicians”
Burnaby reporter Alfie Lau becomes a fire fighter for a day, participating in a Fire Ops 101 event hosted by District of North Vancouver Local 1183. Lau balances humor to educate readers on whats it’s like being exposed to a live fire with extreme temperatures in a simulator, performing auto extrication exercise and a patient rescue. He learns — most importantly — what it means to work as a team to fight a fire.

Inviting Burnaby Now
Written by: Alfie Lau
Submitted by: District of North Vancouver, BC Local 1183

HONORABLE MENTION: “Collective Works”
McMinnville, TN Local 3026 President Brad Weaver urges residents to put fire safety first in his collection of stories published in the Southern Standard. Whether instructing residents about taking preventative steps when hanging Christmas decorations on a tree or stressing the importance of staying hydrated during extreme summer weather, Weaver builds an important conversation about fire safety.

Southern Standard
Written by: Brad Weaver
Submitted by: McMinnville, TN Local 3026




FIRST PLACE: “Volcano”
Woonsocket Local 732 fire fighters respond to a fire located just a few blocks from a shuttered firehouse. Mill fires have occurred frequently over the past 10 years in the area. As crews entered the second floor of the building, command ordered everyone out. An unimaginable fire roared towards fire crews, forcing them to sprint towards the exit. Mutual aid from up to 20 miles away also responded.

Firehouse Magazine
Photo by: Tom Carmody
Submitted by: Woonsocket, RI Local 732

FIRST PLACE: “Boutelle St. Leominster Four Alarm Fire”
Leominster fire fighters work a four-alarm fire at a multi-family home. Fire fighters from seven surrounding areas were called in to provide mutual aid. Three families lost their homes. 

Leominster Champion Weekly
Photo by: Vincent Apollonio
Submitted by: Leominster, MA Local 1841

SECOND PLACE: “Yonge/Gould Fire”
This photograph is of fire fighters responding to a five-alarm fire at the former, historic Empress Hotel in the heart of downtown Toronto. A 53-year-old man was charged with arson for the fire that destroyed the 122-year-old building. 

Toronto Sun Newspaper
Photo by: John Hanley
Submitted by: Toronto, ON Local 3888

SECOND PLACE: “Dollhouse Fire”
Two lives were lost in this three-alarm fire. The photo of the burning 10,000-square foot Victorian home was taken right after fire companies pulled back.

Houston The Houston Fire Fighter
Photo by: Kimberly Phillips
Submitted by: Houston, TX Local 341

This photo captures the critical condition of the fire awaiting fire fighters who were first on the scene.

Fire Rescue Magazine
Photo by: Jonathan Androwski
Submitted by: Torrance, CA Local 1138

HONORABLE MENTION: “Five Alarm Fire Destroys Queens Restaurant”
Fire fighters respond to a five-alarm fire that swept through a popular restaurant in Queens.

1st Responder Newspaper
Photo by: Bill Tompkins
Submitted by: Englewood, NJ Local 3263

HONORABLE MENTION: “Patriot Flag in Los Angeles
Fire fighters surround the 40-foot by 60-foot patriot flag at the World Trade Center Memorial in Los Angeles. The photo appeared on the cover of the Los Angeles Firefighter in its September 11 tribute issue in 2011.

The Los Angeles Firefighter
Photo by: Shawn Kaye
Submitted by: Los Angeles, CA Local 112



FIRST PLACE: “Bigelow Fire”
Michael Hoye shot this photo at the Bigelow fire in Coronado National forest near Mt. Lemon, Arizona. The photo is of a hotshot crew member (name unknown) who helped contain the fire in an aggressive coordinated attack by local, state and out-of-state crews.  

Photo by: Michael Hoye
Submitted by: Green Valley, AZ Local 4125

SECOND PLACE: “Looking Up”
This is a picture of Shea, infant son of Norwalk Local 830 fire fighter Chris King, during an open house at the firehouse. King’s wife noticed their son as he approached lockers filled with turnouts and stopped in his tracks to look. The photo captures a perfect moment as a child becomes enthralled with fire fighters.   

Photo by: Chris King
Submitted by: Norwalk, CT Local 830

HONORABLE MENTION: “Apartment Complex Fire”
This photo was taken during a four-alarm fire at a three-story apartment building in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, that was started from cooking. The wide picture captures two ladders fully extended and dousing fire on the roof of the building.

Photo by: Chris Mickal
Submitted by: New Orleans, LA Local 632

A fire fighter drains hose on a hot June evening during his last fire call before retirement. The lighting is just right and captures the face of a man in deep concentration and thought.

Photo by: Derick Ritter
Submitted by: Winona, MN Local 575

HONORABLE MENTION: “South Nashville House Fire”
Nashville Local 140 fire fighters attack a fire in South Nashville, Tennessee. The picture captures perfectly the moment when fire fighters confront dangerous flames and move in to suppress.  

Photo by: Buddy Byers
Submitted by: Nashville, TN Local 140

HONORABLE MENTION: “Heavy Fire Showing”
Fire Fighters in Wareham, Massachusetts, battle a four-alarm fire. This photo captures a moment of intense cooperation when the team has run a ladder up to the roof of a house and are heading up to attack the flames.    

Photo by: Rob Reardon
Submitted by: Duxbury, MA Local 2167

This shot was taken during a training class, and captures fire fighter students staring intently at a simulated flame while another fire fighter conducts a drill.

Photo by: Joel Green
Submitted by: Plainfield, NJ Local 3527

A City of Alexandria Local 2141 fire fighter recruit practices cutting a flat roof during a training evolution in October 2011.The image captures the subject’s intense concentration against a beautiful blue sky.

Photo by: Wells P. Wilson
Submitted by: Alexandria, VA Local 2141


FIRST PLACE: “First In, Last Out”
This documentary uses photographs, videos and interviews to tell the rich history of the Indianapolis Fire Department from its humble beginnings to the present. Viewers learn that fire fighters had very few resources and many challenges early on. 

Bryan Boyd Productions
Reported by: Bryan Boyd, Joel Harsin and Jim Major
Submitted by: Indianapolis, IN Local 416

SECOND PLACE: “Heart Break on Schuyler Street”
Photojournalist Tim Fisher tells the story of what it’s like to cover the story of a fatal fire. Fisher detailed the raw emotions felt at the scene as fire fighters unsuccessfully attempted to gain safe access to the burning building in time to save the lives of those trapped inside.

Smith Television of Utica, NY
Reported by: Tim Fisher
Submitted by: Utica, NY Local 32

HONORABLE MENTION” “Broadway Fire Reunion Press Conference”
After Palm Beach County fire fighters successfully rescued a mother and her two children from their burning apartment, the fire fighters and victims were reunited during an emotional press conference.

PBC-TV Channel 20
Reported by: Derek Wiley
Submitted by: Palm Beach County, FL
Local 2928


FIRST PLACE: California Professional Firefighters
The California Professional Firefighters web site is an informative and user-friendly web site averaging more than 20,000 visits per month. It provides the latest news on CPF affiliates, as well as vital information for members and links to other resources and organizations.

Produced by: Professional Firefighters of California
Submitted by: 
Professional Firefighters of California

SECOND PLACE: Henderson Professional Fire Fighters
Henderson Local 1883’s web site stands out with its sharp and creative design, and features the local president’s message and photo and breaking news.

Produced by: Henderson, NV Local 1883
Submitted by: 
Henderson, NV Local 1883

HONORABLE MENTION: Florida State Fire Service Association
The Florida State Fire Service Association Local S-20 web site does a lot with a little. The most eye-catching element is a slideshow of fire service photos. The site also includes feeds for Twitter, Facebook and the IAFF Frontline blog.

Produced by: Florida State Fire Service Association Local S-20
Submitted by: Florida State Fire Service Association Local S-20

HONORABLE MENTION: Lincoln Rescue & Firefighters IAFF Local 3023
The Lincoln Local 3023 web site is simple but includes all of the information anyone would need to learn about the local and its members, as well as contact information and links to fire station web sites.

Produced by: Lincoln, RI Local 3023

HONORABLE MENTION: Collinsville Fire Fighters IAFF Local 2625
There is a lot more to the Collinsville Local 2625 web site than meets the eye. The homepage is elegant in its design while the entire site is functional and informative. It offers not just photos of personnel, apparatus and incidents, but it also offers members the latest news and whitepapers on best practices.

Produced by: Collinsville, IL Local 2625
Submitted by: Collinsville, IL Local 26253




FIRST PLACE: “How Henderson, NV leads nation in cardiac arrest survivability rates”
Patients experiencing sudden cardiac arrest have a 50 percent survival rate when Henderson fire fighters respond. The fire department credits its success to following the guidelines set forth by the American Heart Association (AHA), in addition to using technological advances like Q-CPR devices, AEDs and taking an overall team-based approach that defines responsibilities applied in a consistent fashion resulting in sufficient patient care.

Jems Emergency Medical Services Magazine
Written by: Scott Vivier
Submitted by: Henderson, NV Local 1883

FIRST PLACE: “J’Accuse: The Fatal Tragedy of the Deutsche Bank Fire”
Journalist Martin Steadman spent more than two years investigating the 2007 Deutsche Bank building fire which resulted in the deaths of two FDNY fire fighters. The building was in the process of being torn down when the fire began. Steadman’s article found that the people responsible for maintaining the bank building’s safety had not done an adequate job and the fire fighter deaths were preventable. An additional award goes to Eve Berliner, editor and publisher of Eve’s Magazine. Steadman spent months offering his investigative report to numerous reporters and editors in New York City. Only Ms. Berliner had the courage to run his story.

Eve’s Magazine
Written by: Martin Steadman
Submitted by: Uniformed Fire Officers Association (UFOA) of New York Local 854

SECOND PLACE: “Full Honours Funeral Bestowed Upon a Fallen Firefighter”
This article pays tribute to Ontario Local 3888 fire fighter Sly Maj after he lost a long battle with work-related colon cancer. It not only details Maj’s contributions to his community, but also describes the full fire fighter honors posthumously bestowed on Maj during his funeral services.

Inside Toronto
Written by: Cynthia Reason
Submitted by: Toronto, ON Local 3888

HONORABLE MENTION: “My Call of a Lifetime: The Cliffside Sheep Rescue”
In this story, Richmond Local 188 member Marc Lucero recalls how his fire company was dispatched to assist local animal control in removing a dog and a sheep from the side of a cliff in an old rock quarry. Lucero and the other responding personnel used their specialized training in technical rope rescue to bring the animals to safety. 

Fire Rescue 1
Written by: Marc Lucero
Submitted by: Richmond, CA Local 188


FIRST PLACE: “No on Issue 2/Repeal Senate Bill 5”
The Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters (OAPFF) was an integral part of the coalition to repeal Senate Bill 5 that would have stripped collective bargaining rights away from all public employees. The OAPFF deployed its legions of members to collect signatures to repeal the law and to spread the word. The campaign included broadcast ads, YouTube videos, direct mail and other literature and yard signs. The repeal passed 62 percent to 38 percent due in large part to the work of the OAPFF.

Produced by: Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters
Submitted by: Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters

SECOND PLACE (TIE): “2011 Ontario Provincial Election Political Toolkit”
This toolkit served as an excellent resource to help Canadian affiliates in Ontario get involved in the political process. This manual provided detailed information on all provincial candidates, as well as clear rationales for why the Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association (OPFFA) threw its muscle behind Premier Dalton McGuinty and other like-minded candidates. It also provided talking points and other action materials for members to use in support of candidates.

Produced by: Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association
Submitted by: Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association

SECOND PLACE (TIE): “Check Your Seats in the Heat Car Safety Campaign”
Henderson Local 1883 generated a good bit of media during the summer of 2011 with the launch of its “Check Your Seats in the Heat” car safety campaign. The campaign was designed to raise awareness about not leaving children, seniors or pets in hot cars — a common problem in southern Nevada. The campaign included grassroots efforts, community outreach, public service announcements and a press conference.

Produced by: Henderson, NV Local 1883
Submitted by: Henderson, NV Local 1883

SECOND PLACE (TIE): “Not Gravy Campaign”
Toronto Local 3888 created an innovative public relations campaign to counter Mayor Rob Ford’s efforts to slash fire department resources. Using Ford’s rhetoric that suggested fire fighters are riding a “gravy train,” the local built a web site dubbed “Not Gravy” to defend fire fighters and mobilize a counter punch. The site has generated good local media buzz.

Produced by: Toronto, ON Local 3888
Submitted by: Toronto, ON Local 3888

HONORABLE MENTION: “That’s My Job public service announcement”
In October 2011, Albuquerque Local 244 released its second “That’s My Job” public service campaign focusing on fire fighter/paramedics. The 30-second PSA video showed fire fighters on the job with the message, “Responding to your call within minutes to save a life — that’s my job.” The PSAs generated traffic on YouTube and other social media.

Produced by: Albuquerque, NM Local 244
Submitted by: Albuquerque, NM Local 244

CPF Firevision is a multi-platform news web site that provides twice-monthly video news reports on the California Professional Firefighters. The videos and images from the frontlines can be found on the web on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.

Produced by: California Professional Firefighters
Submitted by: California Professional Firefighters

HONORABLE MENTION: “Worth Every Penny”
In September 2011, Little Rock Local 34 endorsed and campaigned to pass a 1 cent local sales tax increase for the City of Little Rock. The local launched its “Worth Every Penny” campaign with signs, flyers and door-to-door canvassing. The campaign included a step van covered with “Worth Every Penny” graphics. The 1 cent increase passed by 1,730 votes.

Produced by: Little Rock, AR Local 34
Submitted by: Little Rock, AR Local 34

HONORABLE MENTION: “Vote No on Issue 2”
As the statewide ballot initiative to repeal SB 5 approached last November, Cleveland Local 93 and Euclid Local 337 combined efforts to encourage Ohioans to “Vote No on Issue 2” and repeal Governor John Kasich’s assault on public employee collective bargaining. These locals staged a press event outside a Cleveland Brown NFL football game. More than 100 fire fighters canvassed tailgaters and distributed flyers, signs and T-shirts, with a good bit of the material finding its way into the stadium for national television exposure.

Produced by: Cleveland, OH Local 93 and Euclid, OH Local 337
Submitted by: Cleveland, OH Local 93




FIRST PLACE: “All Hands”
This quarterly newspaper is well-designed and informative. Content includes legislative news, labor issue updates, news from the IAFF, tips on using various resources and job listings.

Produced by: Professional Firefighters Association of New Jersey
Submitted by: Professional Firefighters Association of New Jersey

FIRST PLACE: “The Hamilton County Fire Fighter”
This bi-monthly newsletter has a sleek exterior design, with information specific to Hamilton County Local 4416, as well as stories from the IAFF.

Produced by: Hamilton County, IN Local 4416
Submitted by: Hamilton County, IN Local 4416

SECOND PLACE (TIE): “The Los Angeles Fire Fighter”
This bi-monthly newspaper is available to all members and contains useful information for Los Angeles Local 112 fire fighters, including the latest on labor issues, legislative issues, safety concerns, pension issues and more.

Produced by: Los Angeles City, CA Local 112
Submitted by: Los Angeles City, CA Local 112

SECOND PLACE“FSFSA S-20 Annual Newsletter”
This newsletter has a clean design and layout, with content that helps the local achieve its goal of improving internal communications within the membership.

Produced by: Florida State Fire Service Association Local S-20
Submitted by: Florida State Fire Service Association Local S-20

SECOND PLACE (TIE): “Toronto Fire Watch”
This magazine does an effective job of keeping the Local 3888 membership informed, and includes officers’ columns, IAFF news, labor issue updates and affiliate news.

Produced by: Toronto, ON Local 3888
Submitted by: Toronto, ON Local 3888

SECOND PLACE (TIE): “Ignition Point”
This quarterly newsletter includes timely articles from every level of the union — national, provincial and local news.

Produced by: Calgary, AB Local 255
Submitted by: Calgary, AB Local 255

HONORABLE MENTION: “California Professional Firefighters”
This quarterly newspaper is distributed to more than 30,000 California Professional Firefighters (CPF) members. Content includes information on how state government decisions affect fire fighters and stories and highlights from CPF affiliates.   

Produced by: California Professional Firefighters
Submitted by: California Professional Firefighters

HONORABLE MENTION: “The Houston Fire Fighter”
This monthly publication is distributed to more than 5,000 active and retired Local 341 members. Each month, the magazine includes labor, IAFF, state and affiliate news.   

Produced by: Houston. TX Local 341
Submitted by: Houston. TX Local 341


FIRST PLACE: “WTC: In Their Own Words”
A decade after the September 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade Center, the Uniformed Firefighters Association of New York Local 94 and Firehouse magazine published a special edition in tribute to the 343 FDNY fire fighters who lost their lives protecting their fellow citizens. Spanning 274 four-color pages, the magazine provides a detailed account of the attacks and the response in the words of scores of fire fighters. The issue also includes a DVD.   

Produced by: Uniformed Firefighters Association of New York Local 94 and Firehouse Magazine
Submitted by: Uniformed Firefighters Association of New York Local 94

SECOND PLACECalifornia Firefighters Memorial Booklet 2011
In 2011, the California Professional Firefighters (CPF) added the names of 30 fire fighters to its Memorial Wall. To commemorate the memorial service honoring the fallen, CPF produced a slick booklet containing the names, photos and brief bios of each fire fighter.

Produced by: California Professional Firefighters
Submitted by: California Professional Firefighters

HONORABLE MENTION: “Splash Page – S-20 Web Site”
On June 21, 2011, the Florida State Fire Service Association lost two wildland fire fighters in a tragic line-of-duty death at the Blue Ribbon Fire. With the help of Union Centrics, the Florida State Fire Service Association produced a special splash page within its web site within hours of the tragic event. The artwork was saved and recreated as a framed poster that resides in the affiliate’s office.

Produced by: Florida State Fire Service Association IAFF Local S-20
Submitted by: Union Centrics

YouTube | Facebook 

YouTube Video

Facebook Page

FIRST PLACE: Olney Stands Against Brownouts” and “What Fire Fighters Do For You
Media Mobilizing Project produced two videos to call attention to the public safety hazards associated with the ongoing rolling brownouts in Philadelphia. “Olney Stands Against Brownouts” features a family who lost two children in a house fire, a tragedy which may have been prevented had the closest firehouse not been browned out at the time of the fire. “What Fire Fighters Do For You” includes interviews with fire fighter widows and Philadelphia citizens. Each interviewee talks about the invaluable service fire fighters provide and express concern that fire fighters do not have the resources they need to do the job.

Media Mobilizing Project
Produced by: Rebekah Phillips
Submitted by: Philadelphia, PA Local 22

FIRST PLACE (TIE): Jacksonville Association of Fire Fighters
Jacksonville Local 122’s Facebook page chronicles the fire calls and emergencies that fire fighters experience daily, and includes fire scene updates and the local’s community outreach efforts.     

Produced by: Jacksonville, FL Local 122
Submitted by: Jacksonville, FL Local 122

SECOND PLACE: House of Labor is On Fire
This is a video of a rally on the Wisconsin State Capitol protesting Governor Scott Walker’s attack on public employee collective bargaining. It includes speeches from IAFF General President Harold Schaitberger and other affiliate leaders in Wisconsin.

Produced by: South Milwaukee, WI Local 1633
Submitted by: South Milwaukee, WI Local 1633

FIRST PLACE (TIE): California Professional Firefighters 
The California Professional Firefighters (CPF) produces original content from its web site on its Facebook page. This Facebook page also recognizes CPF members and the work they do, and provides continuous information on issues important to its members, including retirement security.

Produced by: California Professional Firefighters
Submitted by: California Professional Firefighters

SECOND PLACE (TIE): Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters
The Ohio Professional Fire Fighters Association (OAPFF) provides its members a broad national view on politics through its Facebook page, as well as local and state issues

Produced by: Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters
Submitted by: Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters

SECOND PLACE (TIE): Schaumburg Professional Firefighters Association Local 4092
Schaumburg Local 4092 has a lively Facebook page that recognizes the work of its members.

Produced by: Schaumberg, IL Local 4092
Submitted by: Schaumberg, IL Local 4092

HONORABLE MENTION: Henderson Professional Fire Fighters Local 1883
Henderson Local 1883 uses its Facebook page to foster community relations and provide useful tips to the community on a number of important topics, including drowning prevention.

Produced by: Henderson, NV Local 1883
Submitted by: Henderson, NV Local 1883

HONORABLE MENTION: Florida Professional Firefighters
The Florida Professional Firefighters’ (FPF) Facebook page offers informative and up-to-date information concerning issues affecting fire fighters statewide.

Produced by: Florida Professional Firefighters
Submitted by: Florida Professional Firefighters

HONORABLE MENTION: Collinsville Firefighters Local 2625
Collinsville Local 2625’s Facebook page offers a mix of news, fire updates and other information of interest to its members

Produced by: Collinsville, IL Local 2625
Submitted by: Collinsville, IL Local 2625


FIRST PLACE: “All Hands Working”
This photo was taken as Waukesha Local 407 members prepared a motorcycle accident victim for safe transport in a medical helicopter.

Photo by: Tim Snopek
Submitted by: Waukesha, WI Local 407

SECOND PLACE: “East York Fire”
Toronto Local 3888 fire fighters are engaged in an exterior attack of a third-alarm fire at a house under renovation. The picture has a layered look, which includes smoke in the background with hose streams and emergency personnel in the forefront.    

Inside Toronto
Photo by: John Hanley
Submitted by: Toronto, ON Local 3888

This photo was taken just as the roof of a burning home collapses, creating an explosion-like effect in the background. The fire fighter on the ladder truck engaged in an aerial attack adds an additional point of interest.

Crimson Fire Web Ad
Photo by: David F. Kazmierczak
Submitted by: Buffalo, NY Local 282


FIRST PLACE: Searching for a Cure
This understated T-shirt effectively merges the official logo of Bangor Local 772 with an image of a pink ribbon signifying the fight against breast cancer.

Produced by: Bangor, ME Local 772
Submitted by: Bangor, ME Local 772

SECOND PLACE: Breast Cancer Awareness
This T-Shirt makes good use of the color pink for the fight to find a cure for breast cancer. The front of the shirt has the official Waukegan Local 473 logo with a bold “WFD” (for Waukegan Fire Department) splayed across the back.   

Produced by: Waukegan, IL Local 473
Submitted by: Waukegan, IL Local 473


FIRST PLACE: “What Are You Using Fire Service Tradition for?””
Firechief.com is the web site complement to Fire Chief magazine, which focuses on issues specific to fire chiefs worldwide. This blog explains the role fire service tradition plays in today’s fire service and how it is important to learn the real lessons history teaches.

Written by: Jim Spell
Submitted by: Vail, CO Local 4138

SECOND PLACE: “Reporter Takes Some Heat
Journalist Alfie Lau blogged on video and in print about his experience with Fire Ops 101. Lau talks about everything from the weight of the turnout gear to the challenges each evolution presented.

Burnaby Now
Written by by: Alfie Lau
Submitted by: British Columbia Professional
Fire Fighters Association

HONORABLE MENTION: “Hollywood Area Arson Fires”
The LAFD Blogspot, managed by a team of Los Angeles Local 112 fire fighters, is a timely site that includes important Los Angeles City fire service-related stories and information. The Media Awards entry was a post about the Hollywood arson fires.

Written by: Erik Scott, Brian Humphrey and Matt Spence
Submitted by: Los Angeles City, CA Local 112