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IAFF 2001 Media Awards



NEWS or FEATURE STORY (Circulation Over 100,000)

First Place: “Beyond The Flames

Philadelphia Inquirer Series, Apr. 30-May 7, 2000
Story by: Susan Q Stranahan and Larry King
Submitted by: Chester, PA Local 1400

“200 men answered a fire alarm in Chester. Illness and death have haunted the group ever since.” The Aftermath of the Wade Dump Fire in 1978 in Chester, Penn. was the focus of this interesting and tantalizing series. The stories published capture the still unfolding tragedy of suffering fire fighters, their families and citizens.

These articles highlight the importance of media in educating the public about the consequences of chemical fire on fire fighters, and how they fight death to their last breath. This series was largely responsible for the introduction of presumptive Cancer legislation in the state of New Jersey. It’s an unforgettable episode that should be told to future generations.

Second Place: “After the Fire

The Star-Ledger, Sept. 17-24, 2000
Story by: Robin Gaby Fisher
Photos by: Matt Rainey
Submitted by: Professional Fire Fighters Association of New Jersey

Fire in a student lounge in the freshman dormitory at Seton Hall University changed the lives of students Shawn Simons and Alvaro Llanos forever.

This feature is an excellent example of love, courage, hope and triumph. It is a pictorial essay focused on the treatment and recuperation of victims of the Seton Hall University Dormitory Fire that received national attention. The story pushes you to read on, but the chilling pictures make you want to stop turning the pages.

Honorable MentionFirefighters will Get Diving Gear for Rescue Work”                                    Police, Firefighters Engaged in Turf war Again
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Sept. 2 & 27, 2000; Stories by: Kimberly A.C. Wilson; Submitted by: Seattle, WA Local 27

Circulation Under 100,000

First PlaceFour Die in Fire” Nov. 4, 2000
State Officials Probe Scene of Deadly Blaze” Nov. 7, 2000
Friday House Fire Deemed Arson” Nov. 8, 2000
Search for Clues Continues” Nov 9, 2000

Ashtabula News Herald
Stories by: Diana Lewis
Submitted by: Ashtabula, OH Local 165

“There was a child on the first-floor landing, a child upstairs in the hallway, next to an adult, and a young person in the back bedroom upstairs,” said Fire Lt. Ross Caudill. “I brought the one child out. I thought he was alive. He wasn’t.”

The four news articles by Diana Lewis encompass the stages of a fire incident and the broad range of emotions experienced by fire fighters and victims during and after a fire that engulfed a home in quiet neighborhood of Ashtabula. The fire killed two children, ages 2 and 4, their 22-year old mother, and her teenaged sister.

Second Place“Five-Alarm Cuisine” Oct. 19-25, 2000

New Times Los Angeles
Written by: Naomi Glauberman
Submitted by: Los Angeles City, CA Local 112

“The men of fire station No. 52 know how to do turkey right.” This story about fire fighters turned cooks in the fire station is a unique and interesting narration that can whet the appetite of any reader.

Honorable Mention‘Hired Guns’ Live for Fighting Fires June 7, 2000, Las Vegas Sun; Written by: Jace Radke; Submitted by: Las Vegas, NV Local 1285

Honorable MentionSome Simple Steps Prevent Fire Tragedies April 13, 2000, Daily Journal; Written by: Dale Saucier; Submitted by: Franklin, IN Local 3433

Honorable MentionOur 9-year-old Reporter Checks Out a 100-year-old Fire Company October 11, 2000, Learner Newspaper, ; Written by: Darlene Huston; Submitted by: Chicago, IL Local 2

Honorable MentionManchester Fire Claims 2 Lives December 24, 2000, New Hampshire Union Leader; Written by: Nancy West; Submitted by: Manchester, NH Local 856




First Place“Triage”

It’s a rare glimpse into the organized chaos of on-scene response where Fort Worth Local 440 fire fighters are seen treating fire victims on Avenue N in Fort Worth. Fire fighters saved lives of two out of four children trapped in the blaze.
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Photo by: Glen E. Ellman
Submitted by: Ft. Worth, TX Local 440

First place“Fire Fighters in a Blaze”

A view into the hell of fire. Fire fighters of Local 437 encounter intense flames and heat as they try to extinguish a house fire in Bremerton. Despite their herculean efforts, two teenage girls perished in this early morning inferno.
Photo by: Larry Steagall
Submitted by: Bremerton, WA Local 437

Second Place“Grief”

Megan Conlon (left), stepdaughter of Lt. Scott Gillen and other family members and friends attend the funeral of the Local 12 member who was killed on Dec. 24, 2000 in Chicago. This photo captures the agony and pride that a family feels when tragedy strikes home.
Chicago Sun Times
Photo by: Jean Lachat
Submitted by: Chicago, IL Local 2

Second place: “Quick Response Saves Child”

Fire fighter Dan Squires of Local 321 holds a 3-year-old boy he rescued from a house fire in Racine, a nice shot that reminds everyone of what saving a child’s life means to a fire fighter.
The Journal Times
Photo by: Tim Stein
Submitted by: Racine, WI Local 321

Honorable Mention: “Bittersweet Rescue” Detroit Free Press/Detroit News/Macomb Daily; Photo by: Bill Eisner; Submitted by: Detroit, MI Local 344.

Detroit L 344 firefighters James Babich, left, and Eric Jurmo hand off a 4-year-old boy who was rescued during a gruesome fire. 

Honorable Mention: “Seven-Alarm Fire Ravages Allard’s” Portsmouth Herald Photo by: Deb Cram Submitted by: Portsmouth, NH Local 1313

A Newington L 1313 firefighter wipes his forehead as extreme heat and flames billow from a storage unit building at Allard’s Moving and Storage.

Honorable Mention: “Family Saved from Flames” Boston Herald; Photo by: Jim Mahoney; Submitted by: Boston, MA Local 718

Boston L 718 firefighter waits for water as flames explode from the Upper-floor window of a home in Sagamore Street in Drochester.

Honorable Mention: “2 Fire Fighters on Roof” Quad City Times; Photo by: Jeff Cook; Submitted by: Moline, IL Local 581

Two Moline  L 581 firefighters tackle a house fire in Moline from attic area. 

Honorable Mention: “Silhouette of 2 Fire Fighters” Cincinnati Enquirer; Photo by: Glen Hartong; Submitted by: Cincinnati, OH Local 48

Honorable Mention: “Health/Safety: A Rehab Area” Firehouse Magazine; Photo by: Peter MacDonald; Submitted by: Turner Falls, MA Local 2452

L 2452 Firefighter John Zellman is assisted in removing his self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) after working at the scene of March 1999 house fire. 

Honorable Mention: “Fire Fighter Carrying Xmas Gifts” Chicago Sun Times; Photo by: John H. White; Submitted by: Chicago, IL Local 2

Chicago L 2 Firefighter Robert Breslsn carries an armload of the 3,000 gifts delivered by the Chicago Fire Fighters Union Local 2 to Catholic Charities’ St. Vincent DePaul Center in the union’s second annual Christmas Toy Parade.

Honorable Mention: “Brush Fire” American Firefighter; Photo by: Gene Blevins; Submitted by: Los Angeles, CA Local 112

Award-winning fire photographer Gene Blevins captures the searing heat of this solid wall of flame fueled by a raging brush fire in the tinder-dry foothills of Southern California. 

Honorable Mention: “Cannings Building Fire” The Mercury; Photo by: Kevin L. Hoffman; Submitted by: Pottstown, PA Local 3536

An overall view of the building engulfed in flames in the 400 block of High Street after the blaze rekindled and spread to adjoining units.

Honorable Mention: “Raging Inferno” Progress-Index; Photo by: Roy Stout; Submitted by: Petersburg, VA Local 2773

It took L 2773 firefighters about 40 minutes to bring the blaze under control at the Jefferson-South of the James apartment complex.


First Place“Give Thanks to Everyday Heroes of Ladder 7” 

Nov. 23, 2000Boston Herald 
Columnist: Peter Gelzinis
Submitted by: Boston, MA Local 718

Second Place“Firefighters Paid with Lives in Explosion to Serve City” 

December 11, 2000The Daily News
Columnist: Bruce Nunn
Submitted by: Halifax, NS Local 268

Honorable MentionEditorial Cartoon; February 11, 2000, Boston Herald;  Columnist: Jerry Holbert; Submitted by: Boston, MA Local 718


First PlaceCause for Alarm

WHDH-TV, Boston
Reported by: Hank Phillipi Ryan and Mary Schwager
Submitted by: Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts

Second PlaceIn the Line of Duty

King 5 TV 
Reported by: Duane Pohlman and Kellie Cheadle
Submitted by: Seattle, WA Local 27

Honorable MentionThe Last Real Fire Truck; WKRC-TV; Reported by: Jeff Hirsch; Submitted by: Cincinnati, OH Local 48

Honorable MentionMinimum Staffing at Bradley Smith AirportWVIT Channel 30 (NBC); Reported by: Grant Stinchfield; Submitted by: Newington, CT Local S 15

Honorable MentionVehicular Response to Emergency Warnings; KELO – TV; Reported by: Jessica Armstrong, Kevin K. Jergaard; Submitted by: Sioux Falls, SD Local 814

Honorable MentionUse of Thermal Imaging in Local S&R Operations; KMIZ-TV; Reported by: Mark Welp and Randy Wright; Submitted by: Columbia, MO Local 1055



First PlaceHickson Fire

Reported by: Derwyn Smith
Submitted by: Toronto, ON Local 3888

Second PlaceMcDonalds Fire

KTRK-TV Channel 13
Reported by: Bob Boudreaux
Submitted by: Houston, TX Local 341

Honorable Mention: “106th Avenue & 148th Street Blaze BCTV; Reported by: Keith Wells; Submitted by: Surrey, BC 1271



First PlaceHouston McDonalds LODD Coverage

Reported by: Staff Efforts
Submitted by: Houston, TX Local 341

Second PlaceLos Angeles Trauma Care Editorial 

Reported by: Monica McGarva
Submitted by: Los Angeles, CA Local 112


First Placewww.iafflocal1664.com 

Producer: Matt Trivett
Submitted by: Montgomery County, MD Local 1664

This site is very impressive, with comprehensive news and information about all happenings related to the fire fighters and their community at the county, state and federal levels. It has an extensive list of links containing progressive information about the executive board, affiliations, local sports and events, free emails, classifieds, archives, honors.

Second Placewww.iaff27.org 

Producer: Monica Rausch
Submitted by: Seattle, WA Local 27

Honorable Mentionwww.sjff.org; Producer: Juan Diaz; Submitted by: San Jose, CA Local 230

Honorable Mentionwww.cdf-firefighters.org; Producer: Tom Gardner; Submitted by: Sacramento, CDF Firefighters Local 2881

Honorable Mention: www.ufoa.org; Producer: Steve Carbone; Submitted by: Uniformed Fire Officers of New York Local 854


First Place: First Due News

Editor: Kevin Watts
Submitted by: Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters

This is a well-balanced quarterly publication with an excellent array of newsworthy articles from the local area as well as from across the international. The magazine is well laid out with fine graphics and colorful pictures.

Second PlaceThe Los Angeles Firefighter

Editor: Jim Perry
Submitted by: Los Angeles, CA Local 112

This publication is unique because it addresses all the topics from a member’s perspective. It has an extensive array of articles that are not only exciting and news worthy, but also address matters related to the union at the local and federal levels.

Honorable MentionIntrepid Editor: Pat De Fazio; Submitted by: IAFF District 13 Vice President Bruce Carpenter

Honorable MentionCalifornia Professional Firefighters Editor: Kristina Crawford; Submitted by: CPF

Honorable MentionMain Line Editor: Jim Vannlicchi; Submitted by: San Francisco, CA Local 798

Honorable MentionRelay Line Editor: Joseph Arnold; Submitted by: Cincinnati, OH Local 48

Honorable MentionJump Line Editor: Stan Hills; Submitted by: Metro-Dade, FL Local 1403


First Place“Power Through Participation” 

Producer: Doug Baier
Submitted by: Washington State Council of Fire Fighters

This multimedia project is a very powerful and comprehensive member orientation program. It gives an insight into the history of unionism and its benefits for professional fire fighters. The handbook along with the video contain brochures with details about local unions, membership services, local contracts, and what it means to be a union member. It’s an excellent effort to involve new members and keep them for a lifetime.

Second PlaceSelf produced promotional tape

Producer: Mrk Vihetor and Tom Fieffer
Submitted by: Portage, IN Local 3151

This was a unique public relations effort by Portage’s professional fire fighters. The video was self-produced and perfectly blends fire fighters’ professionalism and humanity. It is a humorous yet effective promotion.

Second Place“Child” and “Life Saver”

Producer: Roy Kimura
Submitted by: Honolulu, HI Local 1463

These two entries were short and to the point. They project fire fighters as life savers and as a welcome sight, and ask the community to support the fire fighter’s cause and the local union’s agenda.

Honorable Mention: Community relations outreach program; Producer: Pr Committee; Submitted by: Seattle, WA Local 27

Honorable MentionBlood donation campaign PSA; Producer: Heidi Vandenbrouck; Submitted by: Worcester, MA Local 1009

Honorable MentionDoor to door campaign brochure; Producer: Greg Newinski and Rick Sovada; Submitted by: St. Cloud, MN Local 1712