Request Training

The IAFF’s Hazardous Materials Training programs offer high-level training to first responders by focusing on strategies to recognize hazardous materials, prevent or minimize exposure and defensively control the incident. These strategies can help lower incidents of injuries and fatalities. At each training event, the IAFF provides a team of professional instructors who are active fire fighters/EMS personnel/HazMat team members. The program materials are created by a team of curricula designers and professional fire fighters who continue to update them to meet or exceed current standards.

IAFF Funded HazMat Training

The window to request IAFF-funded HazMat Training has closed for 2024 and will reopen March 1, 2025.

The IAFF will accept request for IAFF funded HazMat training only during the designated submission period from March 1 to April 30 of each year. Training is not confirmed until contacted by a representative from the IAFF Training Department. To request HazMat Training outside of the March 1 – April 30 window, please submit a contract hazmat training request utilizing the submission form below.

Departments will be able to request training to occur between June 1 to May 31 of the following year. IAFF funded training requests submitted outside of this window will not be accepted and will be deferred to the next request window. Requests must be submitted through the fillable form below.

The information entered through the form will be emailed immediately after submission to all email addresses indicated on the form.

Contract HazMat Training

Training is provided year-round at a fixed price per program (prices listed on the request form). Requires 60-day lead time.

If you do not have an IAFF login, email the request letter form below to [email protected]Request letters must include IAFF local president and fire chief signatures.