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Fit to Thrive Community

A community of like-minded individuals across the United States and Canada collaborating to improve the health, fitness and overall well-being of fire fighters.

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Fire Fighters

The F2T program was developed by fire fighters for fire fighters and aims to serve and support the front-line fire fighter. It leverages the benefits of a peer-to-peer model, which means that fire fighters can network with and learn from like-minded individuals from all corners of the globe. Fire fighters can engage with the community in two ways to suit their specific interests. They can join as a non-certified F2T member (with access to select F2T benefits), or as a certified F2T member (with access to all benefits associated with certificate level). In each case, the F2T program will provide a platform to enhance fire fighters’ personal wellness and fitness.


F2T Ambassadors serve as program champions that motivate, educate, empower and influence the wellness and fitness of other fire fighters. These individuals are central to the F2T approach and may assume a range of roles and responsibilities such as Creator, Teacher, Mentor, Leader, and Manager. They frequently support their peers’ wellness and fitness goals, assist with the design and implementation of department-led wellness and fitness programs, and are global advocates for wellness and fitness in the fire service. Ambassadors are supported by the F2T program via education, training and mentorship and given access to resources that will aid in the launch and maintenance of a comprehensive program.

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The F2T program is committed to supporting departments with the creation and execution of a comprehensive wellness-fitness related program that suits their local needs and objectives. From the administration of a needs analysis of existing systems to the development of a comprehensive plan that addresses stakeholder interests, organizational culture, and administrative constraints, the F2T team is invested in working with departments, their Ambassadors and any front-line personnel to support existing or future initiatives. Leveraging the benefits of the F2T community will afford a unique opportunity for departments to learn from best practices, share resources, and collectively pursue a safer, healthier and more active fire service. The F2T program aims to facilitate this network.

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Non-certified Member

F2T members who do not hold a certificate still receive the benefits of being part of the community via access to mailing lists and select resources. Non-certified members also have access to a personal online portal through the website where they can purchase courses for themselves or others, track receipts, and access saved resources.

Wellness-Fitness Ambassador (WFA)

Wellness-Fitness Ambassadors possess a foundational level of training. While not meant to be in front-line leadership roles working directly with members, WFAs can be strong advocates for wellness-fitness programs within their respective departments and assist in the delivery and promotion of initiatives.

Peer Fitness Trainer (PFT)

Peer Fitness Trainers have demonstrated the knowledge and skills required to work directly with members through their successful completion of the F2T 101 course and certificate exam. The PFT designation is recognized by NFPA 1582 and 1583 and viewed as the credential needed to work as an exercise professional within a fire department.

Fitness-Performance Specialist (FPS)

Fitness-Performance Specialists have engaged in significant continuing education and possess the most advanced level of training within the F2T program. Possessing the knowledge and skills to assist in planning, managing ambassadors and working directly with members at a high level, FPS’s are often in coordinator and leadership roles within their wellness-fitness program.

Renewing your Certificate

All certified F2T members must meet specific continuing education credit (CEC) and F2T Challenge requirements to maintain their designation and F2T membership. Complete details on renewal requirements can be found below.