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Innovation Through Collaboration – About Us

The IAFF continues to invest in strategic partnerships that will drive innovation in support of the physical, psychological, and social well-being of every fire fighter.


Over the last 25 years, the IAFF has become the world’s leading authority on fire fighter health, wellness, and fitness. Through tireless efforts and a singular vision to improve the lives of fire fighters and their families, the IAFF has developed, implemented, supported, and advocated for numerous initiatives that directly target the most important issues affecting the health and well-being of members of the fire service. In this spirit, the IAFF has expanded its existing programs and initiatives that address the physical activity and exercise behaviors of fire fighters to align with the most up-to-date scientific research and best practices from the multi-disciplinary fields that inform this very important component of overall well-being.


Performance Redefined (PR) is a company that designs and implements short- and long-term education, coaching and exercise solutions to address the health, wellness, performance and injury prevention needs of individuals and organizations. Central to the company’s philosophy is the belief that physical activity and exercise can be used to facilitate positive changes in everyone’s health and well-being when an emphasis is placed on understanding the factors that influence their existing behaviors. As a technical advisor to the IAFF for more than 15 years, PR has amassed extensive experience working directly with fire fighters and is committed to the mission of improving the state of wellness in the fire service. PR is honored to support the IAFF in the ongoing development and implementation of the F2T program.

Building on a Strong History

Program History

Launched the Wellness-Fitness Initiative (WFI)

In 1997, the IAFF and IAFC launched the Wellness-Fitness Initiative (WFI) and marked the beginning of a commitment to lead the charge on improving the health and wellness of all uniformed fire department personnel. More than two decades later, the WFI continues to be the principal resource to support fire fighter wellness and fitness. Grounded by a framework, supported with evidence, and continually updated by the world’s leading subject matter experts, the WFI offers best-practice guidelines to inform the implementation of wellness-fitness programs by any department. The F2T program was designed in support of these principles and best practice guidelines and will serve to reinforce the broader objectives of the WFI and its comprehensive approach to improving the wellness and fitness of fire fighters.

Peer Fitness Trainer (PFT)

In 2003, the IAFF, IAFC and the American Council on Exercise (ACE) launched the Peer Fitness Trainer (PFT) Certificate Program to equip front-line leaders (PFTs) with the knowledge and skills to improve the wellness and fitness of their peers. Since the inception of the program, the IAFF’s team of master instructors delivered 200+ classes and certified thousands of members across the United States and Canada, while learning invaluable lessons regarding the obstacles and facilitators to program implementation. In response to the lessons learned and feedback received, and the IAFF’s unwavering commitment to improving the physical, psychological, and social well-being of fire fighters, an expanded mission and a new name was proposed, and accepted, for the PFT program: Fit To Thrive.

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