Boise Center,, Boise ID

Boise Center

IAFF 7th District Conference

Oct. 22-24, 2023 • Boise, ID
Event location: Boise Center
Hotel: Grove Hotel

This district conference will bring in local leadership from Alaska, Idaho, Montana, and Washington. Don’t miss the opportunity to network with a diverse group of affiliates and learn new skills and resources for facing your local’s unique challenges.

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Registration is open to all leaders and members of the 7th District. Early registration is strongly encouraged.

Registration fee: $260

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For more information, contact [email protected].

Sunday, Oct. 22
6-9 p.m.Reception


Monday, Oct. 23
7:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.Registration/Sign in
9 a.m.-12 p.m.General Session

Ricky Walsh, 7th District Vice President, International Association of Fire Fighters
Frank V. Lima, General Secretary-Treasurer, International Association of Fire Fighters
Edward A. Kelly, General President, International Association of Fire Fighters
Ryan Heffernan, Assistant to the General President, Communications
Thomas Breyer, Assistant to the General President, TAIR
Maureen Green, Assistant to the General Secretary-Treasurer, Membership
Dr. Joshua Smith, Assistant to the General President, Training, Education and Grants Administration
Kevin O’Connor, Assistant to the General President, Government Affairs & Political Action
Timothy Dupin, Director, Political Action & Strategic Initiatives
Dr. Dan Whu, Chief Medical Officer
Peter Leff, IAFF General Counsel
Erin Lynch, Assistant to the General President, IAFF Foundation

12-1 p.m.Lunch
1-3 p.m.Workshop Breakouts
3-3:15 p.m.Break
3:15-5:15 p.m.Workshop Breakouts


Tuesday, Oct. 24
7-8:30 a.m.Breakfast
8:30-10:30 a.m.Workshop Breakouts
10:30-10:45 a.m.Break
10:45 a.m.-12:45 p.m.Workshop Breakouts

Behavioral Health Track

An Introduction to Behavioral Health (2 hours)
The fire service has traditionally recognized the need for medical and physical fitness. However, the need to further develop knowledge and awareness about common behavioral health issues is also being recognized as an important function within the fire service. This workshop will address the importance of developing a behavioral health program, recognizing common signs of behavioral health conditions, where to obtain outside assistance, as well as understanding and minimizing the barriers and stigmas often associated with seeking support.

Cancer Awareness: Tools for Affiliate Leaders (2 hours)
It has been clearly documented in multiple studies that fire fighters are more likely to develop a number of occupational cancers resulting from their exposure to toxic chemicals and carcinogens over the course of their employment. This workshop will review recent studies on the incidence of cancer in fire fighters and will guide affiliate leaders on the resources available to educate their members on exposure hazards, from fire scene contaminants, and diesel exhaust, and the necessity of post-incident decontamination. This workshop will also review the tools necessary to affect personal commitment and organizational accountability to minimize the contraction of occupational cancers.

Disaster Relief: Assisting Members in Preparation and Recovery (2 hours)
When disasters strike, fire fighters are called to respond even while their own families may be displaced and their homes damaged or destroyed. Therefore, it is important that IAFF leaders be aware of several preparation and recovery tools in order to best protect their members in the event of a natural or manmade disaster. This workshop will detail how affiliate leaders can best prepare members and their families for a disaster by learning about proactive family and department plans, communication tools and disaster relief resources.

Fighting Performance/Service Level Threats (2 hours)
Fire departments are being asked to do more with less. Many jurisdictions are hiring consultants to examine budgets and find ways to save money. Affiliate leaders need to understand how to be proactive if their jurisdiction hires a consultant. This workshop will provide affiliate leaders with an understanding of the possible negative impacts on staffing and performance/service levels. In addition, this workshop will address strategies and ways to combat potential negative recommendations.

Communications Track

Internal Local Communications (2 hours)
The most important audience for our communications is our local union membership. Lack of communication within a union can seriously weaken unity in purpose and reduce the effectiveness of our efforts. This workshop shows how to move from fighting back challenges to taking charge of the message in communications to our membership.

Organizing and Implementing a Community Outreach Program (2 hours)
One of the most important things a local can do is to organize and implement an effective community outreach program by reaching out to elderly, faith, and community-based organizations. Through a community outreach program, affiliates can create and foster good community relations, which can develop a reciprocal relationship between the fire service and the public. This workshop will provide participants with an understanding of the benefits to both the community at large and the local, as well as how an effective program can reinforce the positive image of fire fighters. This workshop will use case studies from effective community outreach programs developed by other locals.

Media Strategies and Messaging (2 hours)
It is important for affiliate leaders to have a media strategy, which should be a part of the overarching public relations campaign. This workshop will address components of media strategy, including understanding why a local should have a media strategy; knowing the considerations when developing a media strategy; constructing appropriate messaging based on delivery type and source; and understanding the importance of building coalitions.

Social Media Legal Issues and Best Practices (2 hours)
While social media can be a powerful tool for positioning your local within the community and generating goodwill, it only takes one mistake or one bad apple to hurt your brand. Explore the social and legal issues pertaining to proper and improper use of social media, as well as the legal ramifications, limitations, and policies that can affect your members and your department.

Human Relations Track

Local Human Relations Committee: Getting Started (2 hours)
The IAFF recommends that every local establish a human relations committee. Establishing a committee is a proven way to help locals sort through the opportunities and challenges that diversity presents. It can assist locals in resolving conflict and developing a proactive strategy for change. In this workshop, affiliate leaders will learn about the benefits of having a local human relations committee and strategies for developing their own committee.

Local Human Relations Committees: Next Steps (2 hours)
Once you have developed your committee, you are ready for action. In this workshop, you will learn how to assess membership needs, develop and carry out long-term strategic plans, report progress to key stakeholders and devise strategies to fund your committee’s activities. In addition, you will explore strategies for forming a cohesive team of committee members and learning how to keep them productive and energized.

Generational Differences (2 hours)
Currently, there are as many as four generations employed and working side by side in fire departments throughout the U.S. and Canada. Each generation brings its own individual values and behaviors and these can be a source of conflict in the workplace. This workshop will examine each of the four generations in a humorous way, providing a better understanding of generational behavior, the value that each generation brings to the workplace, why conflict exists among them, and identify communications styles that work for each.

Teamwork and Inclusion (2 hours)
Fire fighters put their lives and health at risk to save other people’s lives and property; they don’t stop to ask who lives in the burning building or for background information on the heart attack victim. At the same time, fire fighters need to bring that respect for community, diversity and ethics back to the firehouse, living up to their own – and their community’s – highest standards for providing a safe, diverse and respectful workplace. Similarly, a station house must be a place where teamwork standards live up to fire fighters’ – and their community’s – standards for fairness and transparency. This workshop helps examine what it means to be a good team member, how to make effective changes in individual behavior and how to build a culture of teamwork that respects and embraces diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Other Training Programs

Bridging The Gap: Mitigating The Stress In Firefighter Relationships (2 hours)
Stress on the job is a normal part of every firefighter’s life. While not everyone who is a firefighter will experience PTSI, many of those who do, don’t have the tools to deal with the stress, and are vulnerable to the breakdown of their most important relationships, and ultimately their mental health. Bridging the gap between how to manage stress on the job and using effective tools to communicate with loved ones is essential for the life of a firefighter

Building Your Power Points (2 hours)
Have you been tasked with presenting on a topic for your Local, State Association, or District and don’t know where to start? PowerPoint is an easy program to use and a powerful tool for giving a presentation. During this hands-on class, you will learn what you should and shouldn’t do when creating a PowerPoint presentation, how to create and manage presentations and slides, how to insert and embed simple graphics and media, how to enhance your presentation with high-impact visuals, and tips for presenting your presentation both virtually and in person.
*Please be sure to bring a laptop, with PPT installed, to class.

Dissecting Idaho Collective Bargaining (2 hours)
A class tailored for Idaho firefighters to thoroughly understand their collective bargaining rights.

Membership Engagement Track

How to Run a Meeting (2 hours)
The manner in which you run your union meetings will affect member attendance and how you are perceived as a leader. A well-run meeting with meaningful and timely agenda items will draw more attendees and help you earn the respect of your membership. In this workshop, you will learn IAFF meeting protocol and etiquette; how to plan for and conduct an efficient and productive meeting; and methods for handling conflict. This workshop is ideal for local union officers with limited experience running union meetings.

Increasing Membership Participation (2 hours)
The strength of a local depends on the active involvement of its members. Whether it’s a committee meeting, political campaign or public relations effort, your members make the difference between success and failure. This workshop provides methods to increase member participation and build an effective union.

Local Union Governance (2 hours)
Through its constitution and by-laws, your local establishes its basic organization, including the duties and responsibilities of your local union officers, executive board and committees, as well as the various procedures that govern different types of meetings. Your local’s constitution and by-laws should provide the precepts necessary for governing your members. It should meet their needs, as well as be flexible for reasonable and future change. In this module, you will learn the important aspects of your local’s constitution and by-laws and be given tools to understand how this document influences your role as a union leader and how to properly govern your local based on this important text.

Frontline Union Representative Basics (2 hours)
This workshop addresses the knowledge and skills involved in effectively enforcing contract provisions and representing workers’ rights with your fire service management and jurisdiction. It will introduce and explore the issues and best practices involved in handling grievances, enforcing contract language and handling discipline issues. Additionally, this workshop reviews ways that key union personnel can inform membership on the benefits of union membership and active involvement.

Union Administration Track

Local Union Administration (2 hours)
Designed to help affiliate leaders achieve goals for their locals, this course teaches the skills necessary to be effective in any role as a union officer. Information is provided on the duties of each local union officer, as well as the responsibilities of the executive board and other committees in the local. It will also acquaint participants with the various services and assistance available from the IAFF.

Understanding Union Leadership (2 hours)
This workshop will address many facets of being a union officer, including the responsibilities associated with each role. This workshop will also address how to be a union advocate, using the skills of the executive board, and how to organize members and increase their participation in order to build a stronger local.

Budgeting for Local Unions (2 hours)
Budgeting is an essential function for those who safeguard local union assets. In this workshop, you will learn the art of planning your local’s income and expenditures. Topics discussed will include preparing, adopting and amending your budget, as well as common income and expenditure categories that should be part of your plan.

Preparing for Grievance Arbitration: Evaluating Evidence (2 hours)
To win your case in grievance arbitration, it is crucial to have evidence to back up your arguments and assertions. Without sufficient evidence, it is difficult to convince an arbitrator to rule in your favor. This workshop will teach you how to gather evidence, identify the types of evidence admissible in arbitration and determine which types carry the most weight with arbitrators. This workshop is ideal for local union officers and grievance committee members who have limited experience with grievances.

Boise Center, Boise, ID

Boise Center

The Boise Center will host the IAFF 7th District Conference event on Oct. 22-24, 2023.

Event Location: Boise Center
850 W Front Street
Boise, ID 83702

Grove Hotel
245 S Capitol Blvd
Boise, ID 83702
(208) 333-8000

Hotel Room Reservation

The cut-off date for the group rate is Monday, Oct. 2.

Hilton Garden Inn Boise Downtown
348 S. 13th Street
Boise, ID 83702

Room rate: $229/night

Hotel Room Reservation
Group code: IAF
Or call (208) 342-700, choose option 1 for reservations, and identify yourself as part of the International Association of Fire Fighters group.

The cut-off date for the group rate is Friday, Oct. 13.