The 2026 IAFF Convention is heading to Arlington, Texas.

Per tradition, the last order of business at the 56th Convention in Ottawa decided the location of the 58th Convention.

Once a vote made the location official, Arlington Local 1329 Vice President Jason Horne introduced Arlington Mayor Jim Ross for comments.

“Thank you for all that you do as first responders,” said Ross. “As a former police officer and first responder, I promise you that we are going to treat you right in Arlington.”

“We are going to bust our asses to give you the best convention possible,” he said. “We look forward to seeing all of you there.”

The IAFF heads to Boston in 2024 for its 57th Convention.

Boston Local 718 President Sam Dillon said, “I commend our brothers and sisters from Ottawa Local 162 for a great convention. From the convention hall to the beer hall, it was a great success.”

He continued, “Two years from now, we look forward to welcoming you to Boston. We look forward to working with all of you to lay the groundwork for the future of our noble profession.”