IAFF Social Media Comment Policy

Establishes guidelines to ensure communications on IAFF social media accounts remain constructive, focused, and civilized.

Adopted by the Executive Board June 2024

The International Association of Fire Fighters uses social media to communicate with members, prospective members, politicians, the public, and other key constituencies. Our social media accounts are meant to foster open dialogue that advances the IAFF’s mission and promotes the fire service and the larger labor movement.

To keep conversations on our account positive and focused, the IAFF has established the following guidelines:

Respectful Conduct: The IAFF invites an open dialogue on our social media accounts, including users’ questions, feedback, and constructive criticism. As part of any robust conversation, we also welcome opinions that may differ from the union or its officers. These comments should offer meaningful insights or suggestions.

    To maintain civil conversation, users should only post relevant and respectful comments. Personal attacks, insults, harassment, or any form of derogatory language will not be tolerated.

    Comments containing hate speech, discriminatory language, or promoting violence against individuals or groups will be removed. This includes language targeting race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, political beliefs, age, or disability.

    Sexually explicit or obscene content will be removed.

    Avoid Defamatory Statements: Comments should be true and respectful. Statements that are fraudulent, libelous, misleading, or potentially harmful to the reputation of individuals, organizations, or entities will be removed.

      No Promotional Content: Comments promoting commercial products or services may be deleted. Users must only post content that they own or have permission to share. Copyrighted and trademarked material will be removed.

      Stay On Topic: Comments should be related to the post or topic. Off-topic comments, disruptive comments, or spam comments, including those posted repeatedly, may be removed.

      Because the IAFF’s social media accounts are open to the public and allow anyone to participate, we are not responsible for views expressed other than those originating from official IAFF accounts.

      Users are responsible for ensuring that their comments comply with the Terms of Service and community guidelines of the social media platform. Nothing in this policy replaces the policies of the individual social media platform, which may moderate content or remove users that do not adhere to its Terms of Service.

      The IAFF reserves the right to moderate comments and remove any content that violates this policy. Repeat offenders may be banned from participating on IAFF social media accounts.