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FIREPAC is the IAFF’s political action committee (PAC). To learn more about what FIREPAC does, click on the links below.




What is FIREPAC?

bullet 2012 FIREPAC Donors

How is My Contribution Used?

IAFF Endorsement Policy


2014 Congressional Candidate Questionnaire


IAFF Member FIREPAC Request Form


How Many Members Are In Each Donor Club Level?

Firepac Contribute

What Is The Check-Off Program?

How Do We Start A Check-Off Program?

What Is The FIREPAC Exchange Program?

Downloadable Forms


FIREPAC Authorization Card for 12 pay periods (pdf)


FIREPAC Authorization Card for 24 pay periods (pdf)


FIREPAC Authorization Card for 26 pay periods (pdf)


FIREPAC Authorization Card for 52 pay periods (pdf)

What Is The FIREPAC 100% Challenge?

View The List Of 2013 Century Club Members 


IAFF affiliates must  follow all relevant campaign finance laws. 

Please review your state, local and IRS reporting requirements before starting a program or making any political contributions.

This portion of the IAFF web site is paid for by IAFF FIREPAC. This page has not been authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.


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