Missouri Local Working Hard to Build Membership

December 15 • 2016

Missouri Route 66 Fire Fighters Association Local 2921 is growing in strength and numbers by joining forces with other fire fighters in neighboring fire departments.

Local 2921 was first chartered by the IAFF in 1983 as the Professional Fire Fighters of Lebanon, but the level of union activity has been up and down.

“We were ready to do more as a local on behalf of our members,” says Local 2921 President Randall Haefner. “And fire fighters from the St. Robert Fire Department and the Waynesville Rural Fire Protection District are also motivated to address their labor-management issues and to improve job protections.”

Until 2014, Local 2921 only represented Lebanon fire fighters. In nearby St. Robert, Missouri, where fire fighters were having labor/management issues, Local 2921 discussed bringing them into the local so that they could represent their interests.

St. Robert fire fighters voted in favor of joining the union. Later, the Chair of the State Board of Mediation reviewed the vote and certified that Local 2921 could represent St. Robert fire fighters.

Local 2921 then moved to change the name of the local to Missouri Route 66 Fire Fighters to reflect the growing membership.

More recently, Waynesville Rural Fire Protection District fire fighters voted to join Local 2921, citing labor-management concerns. Their vote is pending State Board of Mediation certification.

Meanwhile, in July 2016, Local 2921 successfully negotiated its first contract, a three-year agreement. The agreement established all of the basic language expected in a first-time contract. It also stipulated that the local does not have to wait until the end of the contract to renegotiate wage terms.