Montréal Local 125 Wins Breast Cancer Awareness Month T-Shirt Contest

December 2 • 2022

Local 125’s winning logo.

Congratulations to Montréal, QC Local 125 – winner of the IAFF’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month T-Shirt Contest with 725 votes! This is Local 125’s second win in four years.

More than 80 affiliates submitted pink t-shirt designs in the contest. IAFF affiliates across the United States and Canada promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month by wearing their pink shirts on shift and selling them to raise money for breast cancer research.

“We are proud to win this contest, and we are committed to the fight against breast cancer and all cancers,” said Local 125 President Chris Ross. “Fire fighters know all too well that the fight against cancer must be taken on by the entire community – from supporting survivors to advocating for safer, less toxic solutions for our brothers and sisters on the frontlines.”

The winning logo depicts a compass (signifying support from all four corners of the province) with a fleur de lis – the official flower of Québec – in the center. A shadow outline of Québec is featured in the background. The logo was designed locally by Caroline Gauthier from Chez Fakory 66 in Joliette, Québec.

“It is no surprise that Local 125 has won this contest for the second time,” said 15th District Vice President David Burry. “Our brothers and sisters in Québec, and across Canada, know the realities of this disease and they are here to support the community, and each other, every step of the way.”

Local 125 will receive a free registration to the 2023 Affiliate Leadership Training Summit in Las Vegas (Jan. 29-Feb. 1). Click here to register or learn more about ALTS.

To order a shirt, email [email protected].

Thank you to all our affiliates who participated in the contest and continue to show their support for this important cause!