Looking to Earn Extra Income on Your Day Off? Learn More About IAFF-FC Partnership With Hidrent

November 9 • 2021

The IAFF Financial Corporation (IAFF-FC) is partnering with Hidrent, a company whose premise is to connect homeowners and small business owners who need small jobs done by off-duty or retired fire fighters who have a few hours during the day to engage in that work. To learn more, tune into the hit TV show, Shark Tank, on Friday, November 12 at 8:00 p.m. (ET)/7:00 p.m. (CT) on ABC when Hidrent will be introduced to millions of viewers in primetime.

Not an accomplished craftsperson? No problem. Hidrent is expressly not a platform for work to be completed by skilled union tradespeople. Hidrent’s customers are seeking trustworthy, able-bodied fire fighters to do things such as clean gutters, hang holiday lights, move items too heavy for the homeowner, hang pictures or assemble furniture ordered online.

In fact, the agreement between the IAFF Financial Corporation and Hidrent very clearly spells out that this platform is not in any way intended to compete with unionized tradespeople and, further, when a customer logs into the app seeking that type of work, Hidrent will refer them directly to union contractors working in the customer’s neighborhood.

Don’t have a lot of time? Perfect, you set your own schedule. When you sign in to the Hidrent platform, there is no cost to you; you don’t pay for leads like other similar apps and you only work when you choose. So, if you’ve had a rough tour at the firehouse, go home and go to bed. No need to stress about rushing to a part-time job. If you need to pick your kids up from school by a certain time, only select jobs that fit that schedule. It’s that easy and that flexible.

The IAFF Financial Corporation has negotiated with Hidrent on your behalf that IAFF membership will be the most heavily weighted factor in the algorithm that determines how jobs are assigned, which means because you are an IAFF member, you’ll always be at the front of the line. And our advocacy on your behalf also ensures that you’ll be covered by accidental injury insurance from Hidrent in the event that you get hurt while helping a customer.

Best of all, Hidrent will donate 2% of all revenue to the IAFF Foundation to support the charitable organization that does so much for IAFF members on the frontlines and the families who are waiting at home for them to return safely.

Tune into Shark Tank on Friday, November 12 to be a part of this exciting opportunity!