IAFF Canada Salute to Paramedics 

May 26 • 2020

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May 24-30, 2020 – Paramedic Services Week 

During Paramedic Services Week 2020, the IAFF salutes all paramedics across Canada and all those who are on the frontlines providing emergency medical care when Canadians are in their greatest moments of need. 

The IAFF proudly represents paramedics and paramedic service providers in many regions of Canada, including Saskatoon Ambulance Local 3270, and the many dual-trained firefighter-paramedics who provide efficient prehospital care in several Alberta communities – Lethbridge, Fort McMurray, St. Albert, Leduc, Strathcona County, Red Deer and Spruce Grove. 

We salute and recognize our IAFF members in Winnipeg, Brandon and Thompson Manitoba and Riverview, New Brunswick who are trained as paramedics and who respond quickly through the fire department, and we recognize members in British Columbia, Ontario and elsewhere who are striving to improve public safety by increasing their range of medical skills so they can do more to help people if they arrive at the scene of an emergency first. 

The IAFF has a long and proud history of representing those who provide emergency medical care in Canada, extending back before modern ambulance services were developed.  

Today, ialmost every city in Canada, IAFF members with medical training and equipment make a difference every day by responding quickly and providing patient care prior to ambulance arrival, then working alongside and assisting ambulance-based paramedics with vital services such as patient access, scene safety patient lift and family support on scene. 

During Paramedic Services Week 2020, the IAFF salutes Canada’s paramedics and all those who play important roles in prehospital care.  

Canadians are safer because of you – thank you!