Connecticut Welcomes Two New Locals

December 9 • 2017

The Uniformed Professional Fire Fighters Association (UPFFA) of Connecticut expanded its membership December 5 when the UPFFA Executive Board presented charters to two new locals – West Haven 911 Dispatchers Local 5127 and Northwest Telecommunicators Local 5146.

Two other dispatcher locals – Litchfield County Fire/EMS Dispatchers Local 4419 and Milford Professional Telecommicators Local 4260 – also recently joined the IAFF, and the UPFFA and had spread the word about positive experiences to other dispatchers.

“As dispatchers and fire fighters work together to deliver emergency response, the two professions share many of the same concerns. It just makes sense to work together,” says UPFFA President Peter Carozza.

With the new locals, Connecticut now has more than 4,000 IAFF members.