The IAFF Foundation’s Burn Fund is dedicated to fire prevention and burn awareness education, advocacy and research and improving the quality of life for burn survivors.​

Through generous donations from IAFF members and caring individuals and organizations, the Burn Fund has provided millions of dollars in funding to burn research, hospital burn centers and other burn prevention and educational activities that have resulted in measurable improvements in burn treatment techniques and in the quality of life for burn survivors of all ages.

For more information about the IAFF Burn Fund, email [email protected].

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The IAFF Foundation Burn Fund hosts the International Burn Camp, sponsors adult burn survivor retreats and educational workshops for burn camp directors and counselors and provides direct financial assistance to regional burn camps in need.​ Held annually in Washington, DC, the IAFF International Burn Camp is a life-changing opportunity for burn survivors ages 13-15 and the fire fighters/camp counselors who work to make a difference in the lives of these young people. The all-expenses paid, week-long camp helps burn survivors understand that they are not alone and that there is a larger support system for them.​

Regional Burn Camp Director List

International Burn Camp 2019 – Photos

Burn Injury Assistance Application
Of all the injuries that a fire fighter may suffer, none is more traumatic than a severe burn injury. When an IAFF member or their immediate family member suffers a burn injury, the Burn Fund provides financial assistance for temporary emergency expenses.​​


Fire Fighter Peer Support
To support burn-injured IAFF members on their path to healing and recovery, the IAFF Foundation has partnered with The Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors and the University of Kentucky to develop Phoenix SOAR (Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery), which offers one-on-one, confidential support from a trained fire fighter peer supporter and helps connect those facing new burn injuries with fire fighters and family members who have been through the experience. It is currently available in 60 partner hospitals and burn centers across the United States and Canada.

Tom Flamm: Chicago, IL Local 2 (retired)
IAFF Burn Coordinator
(202) 824-8620 (Work)
[email protected]

Ron Kressman: Greenburgh, NY Local 1586 (retired)
1st District Coordinator
Represents: New Jersey and New York
(914) 774-6128 (Cell)
[email protected]

Dave Doherty: Kansas City, KS Local 42
2nd District Coordinator
Represents: Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska
(913) 593-1014 (Cell)
[email protected]

Phil Tammaro: Billerica, MA Local 1495
3rd District Coordinator
Represents: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont
(978) 502-8706 (Cell)
[email protected]

Jason Woods: Washington, DC Local 36
4th District Coordinator
Represents: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia
(202) 528-3898 (Cell)
[email protected]

Kenny Asselin: West Bend, IN Local 2025
5th District Coordinator
Represents: Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin
(414) 659-5362
[email protected]

Jim Fisher: Calgary, AB Local 255
6th District Coordinator
Represents: Alberta, British Columbia, NW Territory, Saskatchewan and Yukon
(403) 472-9824 (Cell)
[email protected]

Melissa Beard: South County, WA Local 1828
7th District Coordinator
Represents: Alaska, Idaho, Montana and Washington
(360)731-9175 (Cell)
[email protected]

Sean DeCrane: Cleveland, OH Local 93 (retired)
8th District Coordinator
Represents: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio
(216) 224-6150 (Cell)
[email protected]

Joe Brooks: Denver, CO Local 858
9th District Coordinator
Represents: Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming
(303) 681-1166 (Cell)
[email protected]

Mike Feyh: Sacramento, CA Local 522
10th District Coordinator
Represents: Arizona, California, Hawaii and New Mexico
(530) 632-9511 (Cell)
[email protected]

Chris Balough: Arlington, TX Local 1329
11th District Coordinator
Represents: Canal Zone, Oklahoma and Texas
(817) 925-8607 (Cell)
[email protected]

Rusty Roberts: Tallahassee, FL Local 2339
12th District Coordinator
Represents: Caribbean Area,
Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina
(850) 509-6200 (Cell)
[email protected]

Lionel Crowther: Winnipeg, MB Local 867
13th District Coordinator
Represents: Manitoba and Ontario
(204) 479-8506 (Cell)
[email protected]

Rick Boatwright: Chattanooga, TN Local 820
14th District Coordinator
Represents: Alabama, Arkansas,
Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee
(423) 421-3913 (Cell)
[email protected]

Bob Macleod: Kennebecasis, NB Local 3591
15th District Coordinator
Represents: New Brunswick,
Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Quebec
(506) 647-5046 (Cell)
[email protected]

Jim Dansereau: Fort Meyer, VA F-253
16th District Coordinator
Represents: All federal fire fighters of the U.S. and Canada
(703) 606-4219 (Cell)
[email protected]

Each month, The Burn Briefing reports on the dangers of fire and applauds the unselfish actions of IAFF members, the healthcare community, fire and life safety educators and other caring individuals and organizations who improve the lives of burn survivors and their families. ​Subscribe

National Scald Campaign*

Five national organizations – the IAFF Foundation Burn Fund, the American Burn Association Burn Prevention Committee, the Federation of Burn Foundations, the International Association of Fire Chiefs and Safe Kids Worldwide joined forces to create the National Scald Prevention Campaign. This Campaign is an innovative national program designed expressly to help fire and life safety educators, burn clinicians and injury prevention professionals reach adults with life-saving information they need to prevent scalds in and around homes. Funded by an AFG FP&S grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the scald prevention materials were developed to provide free and accurate tools for educators to use in their communities.

*Funding provided by Fire Prevention and Safety Grants through DHS/FEMA’s Program Directorate Assistance for Firefighters Grant (AFG) Program.

Understanding Burn Care*
This website provides resources from burn organizations across the nation to use in outreach efforts with those affected by burn injuries and their families. It brings together, in one central library, tools to make services more accessible and to improve outreach opportunities. Information is provided on national organizations that have a mission to provide resources and information about burn care and recovery.​

*Funding provided by Fire Prevention and Safety Grants through DHS/FEMA’s Program Directorate Assistance for Firefighters Grant (AFG) Program.

Youth Firesetting Repository & Evaluation System (YFIRES)*
YFIRES is a data collection and national repository project developed by the IAFF Foundation Burn Fund and funded through DHS/FEMA’s Grant Program Directorate for Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program. The goal of this project is to create a data collection tool that will assist both the fire service any non-fire service discipline invested in youth firesetting intervention programs. This project will help develop a body of information that improves the national understanding of youth firesetting behavior and the work being done by programs across the United States.

*Funding provided by Fire Prevention and Safety Grants through DHS/FEMA’s Program Directorate Assistance for Firefighters Grant (AFG) Program.

First Responder Guide to Burn Injury Assessment and Treatment*
The IAFF Foundation Burn Fund has partnered with the American Burn Association (ABA) to develop this manual to provide fire fighters and emergency medical providers with the basic training and knowledge necessary to effectively assist those who have suffered a burn injury or cold exposure.​

*Funding provided by Fire Prevention and Safety Grants through DHS/FEMA’s Program Directorate Assistance for Firefighters Grant (AFG) Program.

Building Construction and Fire Safety Code
The goal of this website is to educate IAFF members on the importance of participating in code writing and adoption process. IAFF members are encouraged to use their firsthand knowledge of fire behavior to help write the fire and building codes that make sure our homes and workplaces provide the highest levels of protection against fire.​ Funding for this website is provided by Fire Prevention and Safety Grants through DHS/FEMA’s Program Directorate Assistance for Firefighters Grant (AFG) Program.

Funding for these videos is provided by Fire Prevention and Safety Grants through DHS/FEMA’s Program Directorate Assistance for Firefighters Grant (AFG) Program.

HVAC Training: High-Rise Fire Command Center and Smoke Control Systems

Energy Storage System Panel at 2017 Redmond/Barbera Conference

Tall Timber Building Codes and Standards

Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Training

Energy Storage Systems and Lithium-Ion Batteries: The 9540A Standard

NFPA 285: Testing Combustible Facades