Fire Fighter Nutrition

Navigating nutrition advice can be overwhelming, especially for those in the fire service seeking meaningful change. Understanding this challenge, we’ve developed a tailored campaign to provide clear and practical recommendations that align with the distinct needs of fire fighters and emergency medical workers.

The leading causes of death for fire fighters are cancer and heart disease. The risks are high, and the connection between chronic and preventable diseases associated with poor nutrition and obesity is well-documented.

To reduce these preventable deaths and diseases, the IAFF developed a campaign to bring awareness to the importance of nutrition and its role in fire fighter health. This campaign will engage our members in creating and maintaining healthy eating habits that support fire fighter training, work demands, fitness goals and long-term health.

Our Philosophy

Eat for Health.

We want our members equipped to make choices that will protect their long-term health and prevent disease. Using research-based recommendations, Eat for Health guides members through making the connection between dietary choices and health status. This is foundational for lasting change.

Eat for Life.

The physical, emotional, and mental demands of a career in the fire service are tedious. Research suggests that what we eat may affect our physical health, mental health, and well-being. Quality nutrition practices that support balance at work and home are essential. Learning to Eat for Life, our members learn to feed their bodies to perform well under strenuous conditions. We provide information to support training, fitness goals, and recovery on and off duty.​

Eat for Real.

The fire service has its unique culture, and food is a central component. The IAFF promotes healthy choices with a balanced lifestyle, helping members Eat for Real. Understanding how food works allows members the freedom to choose based on personal preferences that support individual goals. This leads to long-term success.

Disclaimer: The information contained on this website is for general education purposes only and is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical conditions. Check with your health practitioner before making diet and lifestyle changes.

IAFF Nutritional Consultant Lisa Desilet discusses how fire fighters can eat healthier to support their lifestyles and goals. Plus, Visit our “IAFF Nutrition” Playlist to learn how you can eat healthier at home and the firehouse.