Vice Presidential Nominee Kamala Harris On Site of California Wildfires

September 18 • 2020

Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee Senator Kamala Harris visited the site of the Creek Fire in Fresno, California, meeting with 10th District Vice President Frank Lima, Fresno City Local 753 President Dean Sanders, CAL FIRE Local 2881 leaders and other emergency service personnel. Harris, who was joined by California Governor Gavin Newsom, was briefed on the current progress with the wildfires statewide.

Since the start of the wildfire season this year, more than 3.2 million acres and thousands of structures have burned, including more than 15 IAFF member homes. Record-breaking temperatures and lack of rain have made it difficult to contain and extinguish these fires. 

Senator Harris said more needs to be done on a federal level to alleviate concerns surrounding the magnitude of the wildfires. She praised the professionalism and dedication to duty by IAFF members as they work incredibly long shifts without relief. 

“They are working around the clock without rest,” she said, “working 90-hour shifts, some of them, to save families and to save property.” 

“Our resources are already stretched beyond max capacity and we have yet to reach the most active part of the wildfire season,” says 10th District Vice President Lima. “The IAFF will continue to provide disaster relief and any other assistance when our members are personally impacted.” 

He adds, “But we need help from all levels of government to ensure our members have what they need to fight these fires safely and effectively.” 

Before ending the visit, Senator Harris and Governor Newsom brought lunch to talk to fire fighters on duty at Fresno City Station 11.