FY 2020 Fire Prevention & Safety (FP&S) Grant Application Period Ends February 26

January 28 • 2021

The FY 2020 Fire Prevention & Safety (FP&S) grant application period is January 25–February 26, 2021.

FP&S grants are part of the Assistance to Firefighters (AFG) grant program and support projects that enhance the safety of the public and fire fighters from fire and related hazards.

The FP&S program provides critically needed resources to carry out fire prevention education and training, fire code enforcement, fire/arson investigation, fire fighter safety and health programming, prevention efforts and research and development.

Learn more about the FP&S application process, as well as resources to assist you in preparing your application. The deadline for applications is 5:00 p.m. (ET) on February 26.

For additional assistance, including guidance in preparing your application or a review of your application prior to submission, contact the IAFF Grants Administration Department at [email protected] or (202) 824-1575. We can provide specific guidance for the following FP&S activities (note that applicants may apply for up to three separate projects within this activity).

  • Community Risk Reduction (Smoke Alarms, Sprinkler Awareness, Risk Assessments, Public Education, Training, General Prevention/Awareness, Juvenile Fire Setter Projects)
  • Wildfire Risk Reduction
  • Code Enforcement/Awareness
  • Fire & Arson Investigation
  • National/State/Regional Programs and Projects

Note that the key changes to the FY 2020 grant program include:

  • Under section E – Application Review Information
    • Fire department applicants who can demonstrate their commitment and proactive posture to reducing fire risk will receive higher consideration
    • New research terms an conditions
  • Under sections D – Application and Submission Information; E – Application Review Information; F – Federal Award Administration Information; G – DHS Awarding Agency Contact and Resource Information; and H – Additional Information:
    • Various grants management changes due to recent Office of Management and Budget (OMB) revisions to 2 C.F.R., particularly regarding the System for Award Management (SAM) registration, performance measures, procurement, closeout and termination
  • Under Supporting Definitions:
    • Definitions added for Authority Having Jurisdiction, Career Fire Department, Combination Fire Department, Human Subject, Interest Organizations, Primary First Due, Research and Volunteer Fire Department
  • Under National/State/Regional Programs and Projects:
    • New guidance regarding human subjects
  • Under Regional Projects:
    • Guidance regarding regional projects added
  • Under Environmental and Historical Preservation (EHP)
    • Updated process for EHP
  • Under Ineligible Costs and Items for FP&S Activity
    • Intruder alerting systems and deployment notification systems were added as ineligible
  • Under Award Administration Information (Appendix C):
    • Updated process for Economic Hardship Waiver
  • List of supporting documentation added for advance and reimbursement payment requests