Fire Fighter Brotherhood Knows No Expiration Date

October 20 • 2015
Cleveland, Ohio, resident Kay Carey discovered there is no statute of limitations or expiration date on membership in the extended Local 93 fire fighter family. On October 14, 20 years after her husband, Cleveland fire fighter Edward Carey died, Local 93 members helped Carey move into a new home.

“Even though it has been 36 years since Brother Carey’s accident – and 20 years since he died – Local 93 members were proud to help his family relocate,” says Local 93 Secretary Michael Norman. “It is brotherhood in action. This is what we do.”

“I couldn’t believe how many fire fighters came out to help me,” says Carey. “They didn’t know my Eddie, yet they haven’t forgotten him or our family. They are a blessing.”

On March 28, 1979, Captain Edward Carey was dispatched along with his fellow fire fighters to a school fire. As Carey was checking the basement, he stepped on a broken stair and fell several feet, breaking his ribs, puncturing his lung and injuring his head.

Fire fighters were able to get him out of the school quickly, but he never regained consciousness. After more than 16 years in a coma, Carey died on June 18, 1995.

“My Eddie would not have wanted to live in a coma like that,” says Carey. “He was so full of life, a really fun person.”

Eddie Carey’s name was added to the IAFF Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial in Colorado Springs in September, but Kay Carey was not able to attend, so Local 93 members also presented her with the IAFF flag.