Updated IAFF Fire Ground Survival Awareness Course Now Online

March 31 • 2021

The new IAFF Fire Ground Survival Awareness course is now live online. The FGS program ensures that training for Mayday prevention and Mayday operations are consistent among all fire fighters, company officers and chief officers. This newly updated course features comprehensive curriculum using near misses, close calls and fire fighter fatalities to address critical elements of fire ground survival and includes:

  • Mayday Prevention
  • Being Ready for the Mayday
  • Self-Survival Procedures
  • Self-Survival Skills
  • Managing a Mayday

Successful completion of this course requires study of actual near misses and fatalities to reinforce each section of the curriculum. Students will listen to presentations, view videos of simulated Mayday incidents and read documentation supporting how best to prevent a Mayday, as well as how best to prepare for and handle an actual Mayday. Students will learn the specific actions a fire fighter must perform to ensure the highest degree of survivability when things on the fire ground go wrong.

To receive your Certificate of Completion and qualify for the Fire Ground Survival Train-the-Trainer course, you must successfully complete the post test. Once you have completed the post-test, you will have access to the course evaluation and then the Certificate of Completion.

This FGS awareness course is a pre-requisite for participation in the FGS (Train-the-Trainer/TtT) course.

Begin the IAFF Fire Ground Survival Awareness course.