San Bernardino Fire Fighters Bicycle Across the Country for Cancer Awareness

June 14 • 2017

Four members of San Bernardino County, CA Local 935 are making an incredible journey – bicycling 3,000 miles over seven days – from California to Maryland, all in the name of occupational cancer.

Team Fire Velo Norton Strong members Sean Jackson, Tim Goforth, Ricky Arnold and Travis Grapes are biking across the country to raise awareness about the link between cancer and firefighting, as well as raise money to help their fellow fire fighter Cory Norton, a veteran who has been battling cancer since 2016.

“This race was inspired by Norton, one of our engineer paramedics, who has epithelioid sarcoma,” says Arnold. “We’re doing this for all fire fighters who face a higher risk of occupational cancer.

“I am in awe of the dedication of Team Fire Velo’s efforts to help a member in need,” says San Bernardino Local 935 President James Grigoli. “Sean, Tim, Ricky, Travis and their support team are true hereos.”

The Race Across America (RAAM) spans 3,000 miles and 12 states, kicking off in Oceanside, California, and ending in Annapolis, Maryland. Team Velo Norton Strong is sponsored by Fire Velo and the Fire Family Foundation, organizations dedicated to supporting fire fighters – and their families — who are battling cancer and other fire-related causes or initiatives.

All proceeds provide direct assistance to Norton. In addition, sponsors and donations will help fund the Fire Velo Norton Strong Team members as they make their way west to east to call attention to the dangerous conditions fire fighters face on the job.

Watch the Team Fire Velo Norton Strong Race Across America video.