IAFF LocalIAFF Local 1997
DepartmentSnohomish County Fire District 1
Members147 All Career
Contact InformationKevin Fetter
[email protected]


As an expanding fire department in Washington State, Snohomish County Fire District (SCFD) 1 has developed a philosophy of training that addresses the needs of its uniformed personnel. With the support of both labor and management, it has continued to promote a progressive wellness-fitness system with an educational focus.

Beginning in 2002, District One started a five-year plan to implement the Wellness-Fitness Initiative (WFI) into its Fit for Fire program. It has now implemented all components of the WFI; it is also mandatory by the collective bargaining agreement. Data is still the hardest component to address, but the District continues to try to fully capture as much as possible. District 1 has found efficiencies in the budget by tying in other services of the wellness program that are already provided by the agency in other respective budgets, i.e. immunizations, exposure control, hazmat medicals, etc.

SCFD set a long range plan to find the capital needed over the five-year implementation phase. It insisted on yearly medicals from the start, educating elected officials that not only was it in the best interest of the fire fighters, but also the best risk control measure for following the industry standards of the WFI and NFPA 1582.
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FacilityIn house at administrative headquarters
Additional StaffContracted Nurse Practitioner
Wellness Coordinator
Fit for Fire Committee
Exam FrequencyAnnual
Exam DetailsNurse Practitioner performs the medical exams in house and pay on a per exam basis
See Section D. – Medical Exam Components of Program Overview document
Contract out chest x-ray, stress EKG, electronic bean tomography’s and true Vo2 testing

Annual Medical Data Template
Medical History & Physical Form
Vaccination Record


DutiesExercise programming
Fitness assessment
Manage each component of the WFI and responsible for that components training and education
Exercise Time

Two hours – 8:30 am – 10:30 am

Exercise ProgramYes
EquipmentYes in all eight fire stations – treadmills, step mills, Kettle bells, free weights and exercise mats
NutritionYes – Provide education, nutrition tools and meal plans

Fitness Program Overview
Nutrition Program
Wellness  Fitness Policy


MethodRehab/Injury Prevention Program – contract exercise personnel/medical provider
Modified/Light DutyYes
Injury Prevention Committee

Wellness Committee Works

Behavioral Health

MethodBehavioral Health Evaluation

Tobacco Policy

Cost Justification

Budget Worksheet

Data Collection

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There are currently no links or files available for dissemination. For more information, see the contact listed above.


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