Sisters and Brothers,

I am humbled and honored by the overwhelming support and trust that you, the members of the IAFF, have demonstrated by electing me as your next General Secretary-Treasurer.

As promised during the campaign, I began working immediately to assemble a Senior Transition Team. This team, chaired by senior District Vice President Danny Todd from the 14th District, will ensure a smooth transition as we chart the course for this great union collaboratively with General President-Elect Ed Kelly.

As I informed the IAFF Executive Board earlier this week, I am pleased to announce that Jim Brinkley will serve as my Chief of Operations (COO). Jim currently serves as the Assistant to the General President for Technical Assistance and Information Resources. He is a strong, well-respected and experienced leader with a proven track record of delivering for our members. His in-depth knowledge of IAFF programs, services and administrative and budgeting processes make him the right leader to have by my side during this critical time of transition for our union.

Jim will serve alongside the Senior Transition Team Chair Todd to review all aspects of the General Secretary-Treasurer’s constitutional, financial, legal and ethical responsibilities, ensuring that I fulfill my duties as promised when I took the oath on March 10.

In addition to District Vice President Todd and COO Brinkley, we have assembled a strong, experienced and diverse team of leaders from the IAFF and the public and private sector to serve as the General Secretary-Treasurer Senior Transition Team:

  • Frank Ramagnano, President, Toronto Professional Fire Fighters’ Association Local 3888
    President Ramagnano’s experience serving on the National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems (NCPERS) Executive Board and serving as the chair of the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS) and his knowledge and interests in pensions, policy, procurement and Canadian operations will serve our team well.
  • Darrell “Doc” Roberts, President, Chula Vista Local 2180
    President Roberts brings the perspective of a young, new leader. His experience serving as a local president, District Field Service Representative (DFSR), IAFF Strategic Campaign Specialist and his organizing expertise adds value to a well-balanced and diverse team.
  • Shon Buford, President, San Francisco Local 798
    As a long-time treasurer for Local 798, Shon knows the importance of transparency and trust when it comes to managing our members’ hard-earned dues. His senior leadership and fiduciary experience will be an asset for our team.
  • Ron Herrera, President, Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO
    President Herrera is also the secretary-treasurer for one of the most powerful locals in the U.S. – Teamsters Local 396. He brings the perspective of another labor organization, experience in organizing and the federal laws that set minimum standards for private sector retirement and health plans (Employee Retirement Income Security Act or ERISA).
  • Betty Yee, California State Controller
    As a trustee on the board of two of the nation’s largest public pension funds in the U. S. and the chief fiscal officer of the fifth largest global economy, Controller Yee understands the tremendous responsibility of protecting our unions finances, our pensions and implementing sound, ethical policies.
  • Jimmy Blackman, Chief Executive Officer, Jimmy Blackman & Associates
    Mr. Blackman’s vast experience in establishing and serving on both public and private sector transition teams that include a diverse set of views, along with his background in policy and budgets for labor unions, large organizations and companies, will allow us to get to work immediately.
  • Dixie Abramian, President and Chief Executive Officer, Firefighters First Federal Credit Union
    As the CEO for the largest fire fighters credit union in North America, Ms Abramian is uniquely positioned to inform the team on ethical practices, fiscal policies and responsibility and asset management.
  • Preet Bassi, Chief Executive Officer, Center for Public Safety Excellence
    An impressive educational background in public administration, economics and executive training, along with her proven track record in strategic planning and program management, makes Ms. Bassi a valued member of our team.

In addition to reviewing internal personnel, processes and resources, the Senior Transition Team will be charged with fulfilling one of my key campaign promises – the development of a General Secretary-Treasurer Field Advisory Committee comprised of IAFF secretary-treasurers and leaders in the field. Additional details on the makeup of this team will be forthcoming.

As directed by me, this highly experienced and diverse Senior Transition Team will work in collaboration with General President-Elect Ed Kelly and his Transition Team with integrity while making sure our union remains strong for decades to come as #OneIAFF.

In solidarity – Unite, Fight, Organize.





Frank Líma
General Secretary-Treasurer-Elect