The IAFF HazMat Training department now provides IAFF members with the opportunity to build their skills at their own pace – whenever and wherever it is convenient. Using student-centered and interactive learning methods, the IAFF is developing online courses to meet the educational needs of first responders.

The HazMat training department is incorporating the self-paced student-centered online courses as pre-requisites to instructor-led courses through the IAFF Online Learning Center. These courses are available to all first responders and provides the users the opportunity to plan their learning around their own schedule. To participate in the courses, enrollment codes are used to access the training on the IAFF Online Learning Center.  Those participating in an instructor-led course will be provided the code prior to the event. Those interested in taking an online course, but are not participating in one of the instructor-led courses, may use the enrollment code 000000.  Those completing the HazMat Training department online courses will receive a certificate of completion.

Currently, the HazMat Training department has two courses, the Instructor Educational Methodology Training and the Emergency Response to Terrorism: Operations – Introduction to Weapons of Mass Destruction.  Both courses are pre-requisites for instructor-led courses. Two more courses are expected to be added before the end of the year. In addition to the HazMat Training department, the Education and Human Relations and Health and Safety departments provide online training as well.