What is #JustifyIt
#JustifyIt is a campaign organized by the IAFF to bring awareness to the texting and driving epidemic sweeping our nation. This campaign is designed to educate the community on the dangers of texting and driving, the distractions it creates and the horrible damage we’ve seen it cause, based on our experience as fire fighters responding to accidents. #JustifyIt is our way of putting accountability back into drivers’ hands by asking them to justify their behavior behind the wheel.

Why is #JustifyIt important? 
As fire fighters, it is our responsibility to keep the community safe and we see texting and driving as the most preventable risk across the nation today. It is vital for fire fighters to work with the IAFF and #JustifyIt campaign to help prevent texting and driving accidents, and ultimately keep our communities safe.

The #JustifyIt toolkit will guide you through the campaign and help you educate your community on the dangers of texting and driving.

Contact [email protected] with any comments or questions about using IAFF toolkits.