The following resources will help you in both understanding fully the information contained in the studies and also in defending staffing and assisting decision-makers in understanding how important crew size is to public and first responder safety.

For tips in presenting to decision-makers, see the Advocacy section of this toolkit.

General Resources

Sample Press Releases for IAFF Affiliates


Announcements, Press Statements and Articles About the Study

Statement by Jason Averill, Principal Investigator, National Institute of Standards and Technology

NIST Press Release (April 10, 2013)

Stakeholder Statements

NIST Toolkit Useful to Defend Staffing (from Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment magazine, April 1, 2011)


Click below to watch a playlist of videos about the staffing study (hosted on YouTube; 15 videos).

Request Materials

IAFF affiliates can request the complete toolkit, containing all of the material found in this online verison as well as a PowerPoint presentation and a DVD, by contacting Shannon Hildebrandt at IAFF headquarters: (202) 824-1547 or email [email protected]