During IAFF Safety Stand Down Week, we recognize the important work our members do in communities throughout the United States and Canada. The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged our members on the frontlines and compounds the ever-present hazards of our noble profession.

We encourage IAFF affiliates to highlight the role our members serve in communities using the resources and materials we’ve developed for IAFF Safety Stand Down Week, including social media graphics, suggested posts and more.

We will focus on the following topics during IAFF Safety Stand Down Week:

    • Sunday– Member Recognition and Appreciation Day
    • Monday– Traffic Incident Management
    • Tuesday– Physical Activity and Nutrition
    • Wednesday – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • Thursday – Civil Unrest/Assaults/Provider Safety
    • Friday – Behavioral Health

We encourage affiliates to use IAFF Safety Stand Down Week as an opportunity to recognize the services and sacrifices of our members and to further raise public awareness of the critical role our members serve in the community.

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#IAFFSafetyStandDown #ProtectingtheProtector

Contact [email protected] with any questions or for assistance with IAFF toolkits.

Join us in promoting IAFF Safety Stand Down Week by using the suggested messaging below to highlight IAFF members and their vital community role.

Sunday, June 19: EMS Member Recognition and Appreciation Day

  • #IAFFSafetyStandDown week is a time to recognize fire fighters, paramedics and EMTs for their service and contributions to our communities. #ProtectingtheProtector

Monday, June 20: Traffic Incident Management

  • During #IAFFSafetyStandDown Week, the #IAFF would like to remind its members that provider safety must be our number one priority. Always remember to follow safety protocol and wear appropriate PPE, drive safely and wear your seat belt. Visit https://ops.fhwa.dot.gov/tim/training/index.htm. #ProtectingtheProtector
  • During #IAFFSafetyStandDown Week, the #IAFF would like to remind its members while operating on the roadway park apparatus to provide a safe zone to operate in, wear reflective vests and use situational awareness. #ProtectingtheProtector

Tuesday, June 21: Physical Activity and Nutrition

Wednesday, June 22: PPE

  • Wearing all PPE and SCBA during firefighting, while working in smoke and during overhaul, is still the best first line of defense when it comes to limiting exposures to fireground contaminants. #IAFFSafetyStandDown #ProtectingtheProtector
  • It is important to limit your exposure to PFAS and other fire ground contaminants. #IAFFSafetyStandDown #ProtectingtheProtector Only wear your turnout gear on fire responses and use the following precautions:
      • Turnout gear should not be taken into firehouse living areas.
      • When transporting gear in personal vehicles, it should be in a sealed container or bag, and preferably not transported in the passenger compartment.
      • Apparatus cabs should be cleaned daily and after every fire.
      • Wash your hands after handling turnout gear.
      • Legacy turnout gear should be replaced as new PFAS-free technologies become available.

Thursday, June 23: Civil Unrest/Assaults/Paramedic Safety

Friday, June 24: Behavioral Health

  • If you’ve been putting off seeing a mental health professional, it’s never been easier to access help. Check out this IAFF guide for fire and EMS professionals: https://www.iaff.org/wp-content/uploads/COVID19-Is_Telemental_Health_Right_.pdf #IAFFSafetyStandDown #ProtectingtheProtector
  • We recognize EMS personnel are on the frontlines taking care of their communities during emergencies. Remember YOU matter. Contact the #IAFF Center of Excellence if you are struggling with depression, PTSD, anxiety or stress-related issues. #IAFFSafetyStandDown #ProtectingtheProtector https://iaffrecoverycenter.com