The Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) of McLean, Va., in cooperation with Allen Telecom Inc., Cleveland, Ohio, is recalling 1,459 LifeGard V PASS devices, Model R500. The recalled units have a production date of March 14, 1997, or later. There have been no reported injuries or fatalities involving these devices. The recall is being conducted to prevent the possibility of injury.

These devices failed to meet the requirements set forth in NFPA 1982, Personal Alert Safety System for Fire Fighters (1993), for Section 5-7, Impact Resistance Requirements in the Cold Condition. The requirement for testing in the cold condition is that the sample PASS device be exposed to a temperature of minus 40 degrees, set in the automatic mode, and dropped eight times onto a concrete surface from a height of three meters. Following each drop, the sample unit should remain motionless, and should sound the pre-alert and alarm signals to determine the proper functioning.

SEI is a private, nonprofit organization that administers third-party certification programs to test and certify these PASS devices in accordance with the NFPA standard.

Fire Departments using these recalled devices should contact Allen Telecom at (800) 959-1585, or (956) 630-1585, for instructions on returning their PASS devices.