The IAFF Political Department is committed to providing high-quality training programs to our members in order to strengthen their political skills. All workshops provided in the IAFF trainings are designed to be interactive and engage our affiliates. Workshops are delivered by trained instructors and experts who have a vast amount of knowledge and experience on all aspects of running a successful campaign. 

A. Michael Mullane
Political Training Academy

Developed through FIREPAC, the IAFF’s A. Michael Mullane Political Training Academy educates and assists campaign veterans and political newcomers alike on how to run for elected office, manage a political campaign, or direct an affiliate’s political action program. 

IAFF members or family members running for public office, managing a campaign, or implementing a political program for an IAFF local are encouraged to apply. 

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State/Provincial Political Training Academy

The IAFF Political Department has taken core elements of the A. Michael Mullane Political Training Academy and developed the two-day IAFF State/Provincial Elections and Political Capacity Development Program. The goals for the State and Provincial PTA are as follows:  

    • Train members on modern campaign skills to create a network of leaders capable of managing campaigns on the state and local levels. 
    • Build a cadre of politically savvy members to support state association campaigns.
    • Emphasize the importance of political advocacy to win fire fighter legislative victories.


The two-day classroom seminar, taught by IAFF trained members, will provide students with hands-on political training and access to statewide/provincial campaign experts and resources. Some of the topics included are: 

    • How to build political power before running a campaign
    • The components of a campaign and how to develop a successful campaign plan   
    • How to calculate your vote and win goal  
    • Researching and messaging your target audience
    • Writing a field plan   
    • Engaging members with your campaign   
    • Recruiting and managing volunteers  
    • Managing a Get Out The Vote program  
    • How to lobby
    • Campaign finance laws tailored to the specific state  
    • Budgeting and fundraising  
    • How to manage a direct mail program 


State and provincial associations that wish to host a delivery of a State/Provincial PTA are responsible for coordinating and securing all logistics for the training. The IAFF provides the curriculum, trainers, and assists with facilitating the program. After the training, state and provincial associations are encouraged to participate in post-assessment planning sessions. These sessions will assess your state or province’s political landscape and identify resources the IAFF can provide to secure legislative wins.

The IAFF can help provide you with more information. Please request assistance from the IAFF Political Department. 

Other Political Training Opportunities

Affiliate Leadership Training Summit (ALTS) 

The IAFF Political Department normally offers many one-off classes at the annual ALTS conference. For more information on when the next ALTS event is, please visit the IAFF events page.

Partnership Education Program (PEP)

State and district-level PEP deliveries sometimes include political modules. To see if upcoming PEPs in your area offer political components, please visit the IAFF Partnership Education Program page.

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The IAFF Political Department provides support to our affiliate members and locals who want to become politically active and who are prepared to elect fire fighter friendly candidates at all levels of government. Please fill out the form below and someone from our team will get back to you.